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Type:Diary entry
Added:November 20th 2004, 12:33:48
Rating:4.33/5 (Votes: 3)

just kinda a little thanks to muddasheep and the farm

today i went through the most linear day of my life... usualy in the pattern of wake up... go to school... come back from school... go on the computer... go to bed.... [yeh my life is so boring right?]

thing is i cant do anything about it. basically my life is controled by other people because im still in school. its the same thing everyday and worse when i have homework [every day] so one day i get up. i start thinking. i start looking over the web... i found some weird mod which had a tribute level for hq... hq? well i search the net for it and finaly find it and dl and play hq:amen [never start at the beginning of a series]

gone are all the counter strike clones, gone are all the bright levels, gone are all the masses of custom weapons. here i come to something completely unusual, unique. the thing that shocked me was the pure blatentness of the situation. a lonely victim in a mysterious place [not based on space, the universe, underground etc. just something completely new] and having to fend for himself.

all i really want to say is thanks for createing a place in the internet where it is completely differnt than the dreaded real life... even if in some respects its a surreal reflection of real life. i suppose its nice to be in a place where you have time, where you can say things without real fear of being judged. it is a real... haven i suppose... people waking up from life?

if anyone reading this thinks that their life is worse or it could be worse i know it could be because it is. we have people ruleing our lives all the time, things dictateing our purpose and function, and people taking part of everything we earn, make or create. right now even more so with more than 50% of my parents money earned being taxed striaght off and crazy men running our goverments. im just glad im not an adult really.... at least not yet.

a place like this is a sanctuary really... somewhere you can go and just be yourself, ive seen people talk about their lives and how radically differnt they are to me but you dont judge people here. all i know is that i will be trying to stay here for a while longer...

November 24th 2004, 02:56:54
thanks for your kind words and thank you for being here..

March 30th 2009, 13:02:44
Yeah, this is why we all here. Thank you muddasheep.

July 06th 2009, 23:59:21
I feel the same way, keep going ;)

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