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pateince. [pt7 victimizeation]

Added:December 21st 2004, 14:52:10
Series:[ Victimisation ]
Rating:Not rated yet.

the long awaited pt 7 :)

a short while after the victim left, a strange hooded figure approached the village and headed towards the assasins body. as he drew near he withdrew a vial of coloured liquid from the depth of his robe. he knealt down over the assasins body and opened the vial. the liquid inside bubbled for a moment before he poured the liquid over the corpses forehead. immediately the colour in the assasins body faded to a dark, deathly grey and after a few moments the marks on his forehead turned bright green. "good morning" the hooded figure said with a grisly smile.

the victim was bored. he was in a huge room resembling a trainstation. he had walked the platform for some time, just listening too some music playing on a jukebox nearby. he sighed and sat down on one of the benches lining the station and immediately experianced excruciateing pain. he stood up and stared at the bench. it had a symbol of a person sitting on it with a cross over it. he sighed and sat down next to a phone. he had, of course, already tried the phone but like everything else in this place it was "dead". he stared out over the station until his eyes rested on a clock supposedly telling the right time. he had already been there a couple of hours. he curled up and went to sleep.

two firgures stood talking.
one said "he has already survived 4 days..."
one said "that is why we must kill him soon"
one said "but how?"
one said "it shall be done..."
one said "but..."
one said "yes."
one said "yes... sorry... what of the assasin?"
one said "he is... irrelevent"
death approached. perhaps it was time to... intervene.

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