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Wee Are nOObs!!
Wee Are nOObs!!

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July 11th 1985

Wee Are nOObs!!

Type:Diary entry
Added:June 13th 2005, 19:05:05
Rating:Not rated yet.

"I'm a LAGGIN!" ^^

And Now Quote the movies!
As brought to you by the crappy movies on my hard drive...
If you answer correctly you will recieve "BONUS POINTS"!

1:"Ah yes Lonestar I see Yogurt has trained you well. And you're swartz is as big as mine! Now let's see how you handle it..."

2:"They cut the hardline, its a trap!Get OUT!!"

3:"People are always asking me if I know Tyler Durden."

NOTE: "BONUS POINTS" are not worth anything and probably are simply a figment of you're imagination... ^^

June 14th 2005, 05:25:08
Oh no please don't get inspired by the Posts of Geezer >>

June 14th 2005, 09:22:16
/: :( thanks Seth no bonus for you...

June 14th 2005, 10:00:13
1. Spaceballs
2. quessing, would it be Net (not sure about name, remember only finninsh one), where Sandra Bullock was somekind of computer thingie girlie.
3. no idea, how about Ford Fairlane..... 8Þ

Hmmm, bonus points. Soon I will get another extra life and shall live FOREVERRRR.

June 14th 2005, 10:11:08
hehe you got #1 right
#2 is "The Matrix"
and #3 is "Fight Club"
Mua ha ha ha ha! ^^

June 14th 2005, 12:39:36
Sorry Insidious_nOOb for me in my-fucking-nobody-cares opinon it seemd like a "oh somebody is posting shit so wehy shouldn't i do the same?" thingy... Sorry didn't get the real sense of your post... now after it's "sloved" it's kinda make sense so... sorry

besides that i didn't expected a bonus anyway xP and if it might be that you hate me now... please get into the queue i think it's around 665 now so you would be 666 nice thingy eh? ;)

June 15th 2005, 05:03:37
Its Kool Seth mebbe I misunderstood what kind of mood you were in...
No problem ok??? ^^ :) ;)

June 15th 2005, 05:11:28

June 15th 2005, 11:48:42
Insidious n00b hmmm if you know what mood i were in please tell me ^^ I'm not sure anymore in which mood I'm currently or were since 2 Weeks ago or so *g*

I just didn't understood you post (: It was my fault sry again hehe ^^

Don't worry it wouldn't be a problem even if you told me that you'd had me from now on *g*

June 22nd 2005, 00:05:28
Will someone else make a new page I'm getting sick of looking at mine...
Not that I don't like it, but it get boring after I log in so many times and no-one makes a new one, *Sigh*
Hope somebody writes something new, I look forward to reading whatever "it" may be... ^^

June 22nd 2005, 12:50:57

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