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Silentium -- Paradiesseits allemal
Silentium -- Paradiesseits allemal

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August 29th 1988

[SoMa] - Incident

Added:February 16th 2006, 21:53:22
Series:[ SoMa ]
Rating:Not rated yet.

SoMa - Incident - Part I.I 16-FEB-2006

"Heh, I thought you wouldn't come at all. Where the hell have you been?", Bill spitted down the canyon into the night, "I told you, keep your eyes on the path and you won't get lost.". Bill turned around and grinned wide. His white teeth reflected the moon light brightly. Joe ignored his words, and bent over the rail and looked into the dark canion. Once again, complete silence. Only chirping and darkness surrounded them. Joe broke the silence. "I just got myself the paycheque...", he took a piece of paper out of his pockets. Bill couldn't refuse to take a look at it... he laughed. "Isn't that much huh?". He laughed again... "Hey just shut up, it will be enough for us.", Joe was quite upset. "Speaking of us, do you have a name for the baby yet?". "Of course we do, if it's a girl we will pick Liah or Nils otherwise." "Beautiful names though.", Bill looked away into the night. "Yes indeed, Avelyn picked them."

Stupid things have a tendency to flock together. As has death. The only problem with this fact is, that death has to prove it from time to time.

Fast steps could be heard in the dark. Someone was running up the hill. Bill and Joe turned around and awaited the arriving one. "Better make a light, so we see the bastard before he sees us." Joe hustled Bill. Bill rummaged in his bag, finally found the lamp and turned it on. He shined along the path, when suddenly a tiny man ran out of the dark. He was out of breath and his face has turned red. It was obvious that he hadn't the stamina for such a run up a hill. "Hey it's Daniel!", Joe was surprised to see his neighbour. "Need help... the mines... exp...", Daniel gasped. "Hey, willie, calm down, then tell us what's up.", the red face of Daniel amused Bill. Daniel took a deep breath and tried to complete his sentence: "I need your help, an explosion in the mines has buried worker's.". Joe looked at Bill. Bill looked at Joe. At the sime time, the same thing came to their mind. "Oh my... holy... piece of! Aren't the children's and women in the mines at this time to clean up?!?". "Don't hesitate... let's run!", Daniel screamed while he was running down the hill. Bill and Joe followed him immediatly.

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