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Silentium -- Paradiesseits allemal
Silentium -- Paradiesseits allemal

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August 29th 1988

[SoMa] - Premonition

Added:February 27th 2006, 20:56:18
Series:[ SoMa ]
Rating:Not rated yet.

SoMa - Part 3
27th February 2006
Authors comments: I am not happy with the last sentence, nor with the description of the mines. I should get used to describe the places and emotions better than I do now...

"Oh my god, we need to help!", but Joe was frozen, shocked he wasn't able to
move. Fires bursting, dust in the air; cutting a way through your lungs, when
you breath it in. People hurrying to the place where the mine entry supposed
to be. Together they tried to remove rocks and wooden pylons; in hope to find
survivors. "Hey, over here! Someone is still alive!", a mine worker screamed.
In his voice a sound of happyness, and hope. Bill ran over to help the
worker. "Joe, what the hell are you waiting for? Death?". But Joe pinched his
eyes, something was blinding him. "JOE!", Bill became angry, "Would you
fucking move your ass over here and help?". Joe turned around, and it seemed
as he would need a time to find himself. "Yeah, I am here...". The men from
the village worked non stop. Everyone of them hoped to find their own
children and woman under the bowlder. Some had luck, some don't. The mines.
Now ruins - of their existence.

"I heard about the accident... horrible how could that happen?". "I don't know
but I am lucky and happy that you weren't in there when it explode.", Joe
tried smiled; a little bit. "How is our baby?", Joe hold her hand. "It's fine,
the doctor said. It's beating, so it comes after the father", she laughed, but
it ended in a cough. "Oh, darling, save your energy...". He kissed her on the
forehead. "Try to sleep, so you are fit for the town meeting tomorrow.". "It
was an accident, it was not your fault...". "I know Av', but I am afraid...".
"Afraid of what?", she became unsecure, "Tell me!".
"That it wasn't an accident."

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