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Silentium -- Paradiesseits allemal
Silentium -- Paradiesseits allemal

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August 29th 1988

The problem with the victims...

Type:Diary entry
Added:June 13th 2006, 18:01:36
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Do you like numbers? I do. Thus I love booking and controlling; it's the most exciting thing on earth. And that's why I am a controller, making those morons who call themself Software Engineers or Administrators lives difficult. I love collecting porcelain dolls and crocheting wool saucers for tea cannikins.

Of course the above is a joke and a satire.

 CBA (cost-benefit analysis) for the Victim problem




This document makes several references. Please make take time
to read through them, providing a through glossar of used
abbreviations and personas.

1.1.The Author

The Author (described as "he" or "the Author") referes to
the CEO of the "Haus der Luege" institute known as Flo.


PHQ is an abbreviation for the browser game this document
refers to. See X for a web link.


MS in an abbreviation for the creator of PHQ (see 1.2 for
further information). And is being praised like a god.

1.4 CS

Has several meanings, depending on it's singularity it's
either one natural person with the work contract seller,
or the summ of all natural persons with the work contract

1.5 TC

Has several meanings, depending on it's singularity it's
either one natural person with the work trap crafter,
or the summ of all natural persons with the work trap


Victims are expensive goods. But they are the most important
abutment for a working institute. They bring both live and
death to a institute.

The main problem that exists now, that the contract limit
for victims is far too low. Resulting in a very low victim
income. But a TC in the authors position requires more.
And soon the throughput is higher than the input. The
following document shall now find an alternative solution
for the Victim problem.

3.Source of the Problem

The source of the problem was the introduction of the limit
for TC when signing contracts. The level of the contract a TC
can sign, is based on the TCs level. Main motivation about
this limitation was to avoid or cease the fact, that only
high level contracts are being purchases; resulting in an
disprofit of the younger CS which cannot create these
contracts at the time of purchase.

Although the motivation behind this feature is righteous,
there exists a problem with the implementation. The
limited number of contract steps[1] makes the gaps between
which a new contract type is available, quite huge. Resulting
in the problem described as follows.

Footnote: [1] The amount of victims purchased by a contract
hase the base of 40. E.g: 40, 80, 120 and so

4.The Problem

The main problem is, that the Autor's current situation
(see Table 4.1 for further information)

| Key | Value |
| Level | 18 |
| Victims killed | 465,583 |
| Traps placed | 33/36 |
| Contracts | 29/29 |
| Rank | 26 |
| Fixcosts | 13,505 |
| Victims caught | 3,480 |
| Victims killed | 8,352 |
(Table 4.1: Statistics from the Author's
institute "Haus der Luege"; 13th June 06)

describes the problem very well. Although the maximium level
of contract is being reached, the amount of victims delivered
by the CS does not meet the needs of Author. As you can see
additionaly the Author does not practice the full amount of
traps placed to avoid additional costs. Currently CS only
provide 41.6°% of the daily killed victims. The other 58,4%
are being purchased via third party vendors. This necessary
behaviour results in extra costs for the Author's institute.
Currently the funds are big enough to cover these extra
costs. Although the amount of capital and surplus is
shrinking steadily; which may lead the the ruin of "Haus der


The following paragraph will show you a calculation of the
costs the "Haus der Luege" Coorp has to afford (excluding
taxes, such as CIT[1]; bound capital surpluses, accruals for
salary statement new; alimony payments[2] and costs for the
Choosen Victim) for the next day.
(Forecast) :

Income: + 29,923 SD
Clients: + 281 SD
Sponsoring: + 9,500 SD
Consultants: + 2,971 SD
Total contracts: - 13,505 SD
Summ + 29,127 SD

In fact his is a very positive bilance. Also excluded are
regularbooking actions, such as the selling of contracts.
Which shall not be overrated, because the amount of traps
crafted for home, use to keep the current level, does not
necessary allow crafting of traps which would then be sold.

But in an negative addition to the calculation above comes
the purchase of victims off third party vendors. To calculate
this value, whe should first take a look at the victim

Normally the amount of victims changes something like this.
Although the amount of victims actually killed counts into
higher force of nature and thus cannot be prognosed.
(Forecast) :

Current: 10,407 V
Chosen Victim: - 38 V
Total Contracts: + 3,480 V
Total Traps: - 8,402 V
Summ + 5,447 V

The fact that the amoutn of victims has decreased to the half
of the previous value underlines the need of victims off
third party vendors.

The simple calculation:

8,402 V
- 3,480 V
4,922 V

Gives us a hint about the size of the gap that must be
filled. Thus we result in the following situation:

Current: 10,407 V
Chosen Victim: - 38 V
Total Contracts: + 3,480 V
Total Traps: - 8,402 V
Third party vendors: + 4,922 V
Summ + 10,369 V

The difference between the new and the old victim amount can
be balanced by purchasing 88 extra victims; which results in
a round number of 5,000 V per day extra costs.

Footnote: [1] corparate income tax (ger.: "KST").
[2] Casualty results of the author's sexual
intercourses are not part of the topics
of this document.


There are several solutions for this problem:

6.1.Scrounging victims

The missing victims are being balanced through panhanlding.
Good friends and/or team buddies are being begged to
provide the missing victims. Which results in a strong
dependency, and the online status cannot be predicted, thus
this solution drops out.

6.2.Black market

The missing victims may be purchased through the black
market. The following calculations take middle values
of the prices on the black market:

| SD/V | Extra costs (SD) |
| 3.90 | 19,500 |
| irrelevant | irrelevant |
| 7.79 | 38,950 |
(Table 6.2.1 shows the extra costs per day
depending on the prices of a victim on the
black market. Amount of victims purchased:
approx. 5,000)

This shows, that an exact package of 5,000 V is
necessary, which does not cost more than 3.90 per/V
to be healthy for the economy of the institute. Any
other SD/V value would result in a loss.

Another solution is to cut down each contract and try to
live from the black market only. If we add the 3,480 we
would need extra the table looks like this:

| SD/V | Extra costs (SD) |
| 3.90 | 33,072 |
| irrelevant | irrelevant |
(Table 6.2.2 shows the extra costs per day
depending on the prices of a victim on the
black market. Amount of victims purchased:
approx. 8,480)

The new amount of extra costs would then be 33,072 SD (best
case) which is also not healthy for the economy.
Both solutions are not profitable, and thus drop out.

7.The final Solution

Since the current environment settings cannot be changed, the
state of the institute must change. Employees must be fired,
traps be destroyed, and the millions we lost in Bawag be
catched up. Otherwise the instituation is about being ruined.

This results in the following calculation. The best trap the
author can use is a "Room of Fate", which has approx. 268
kills per day. If we know divide this through the victims

3,480 / 268 = 12,985
~ 12

Results in an a number of 12 traps allowed max. 12 of 36
available. This is the plan for the future; if nothing

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