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The Rebellion of the Victims
The Rebellion of the Victims

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May 01st 1984

Quick Movie Reviews

Added:August 22nd 2006, 15:00:20
Series:[ Quick Movie Reviews ]
Rating:4.4/5 (Votes: 5)

Movies that I've recently bought - reviewed in one handy article! These are very biased reviews, heavily influenced by my own opinion, so please think about that when reading ahead.

The Weather Man

That's one of those movies that will stay with you forever. It's the way Nicolas Cage gets hit by all sorts of Fast Food. It's the way he tells us things of everyday life. It's the way he stretches his bow and shoots it against a frozen target. It's the discussion with his father that will keep you hooked until the movie is over. I absolutely loved it and recommend it 100%.


Dancer in the Dark

If you happen to know Björk already, you probably know what to expect. At first you think this is the most amateur movie existing on this planet. At first you think you're witness to the most cheesy acting in the universe. But then suddenly you don't see all those little issues anymore. The home-video feeling actually makes it look more realistic, more tragic. The sequences in which Selma (Björk) daydreams start making sense. All in all, a movie you should experience. The soundtrack is a must have too.


Shallow Hal

I bought this movie not expecting much. Although I expected quality acting from Jack Black, just like in School of Rock. And that's what I got!
Hal (Jack) has a very high standard when thinking of his perfect woman. Though one day he meets this guy and gets stuck with him in the elevator. That guy "changes" the perception of Hal - now he sees the most beautiful people in really ugly people (and the other way around). Very soon he's going out with - in his eyes - is the most beautiful woman in the world, which in reality weighs quite a few pounds. Following his journey through this misleading eyesight is really funny and in the end really underlines the sick behaviour of our society nowadays. Everything has to be perfect. And this movie should be a reminder that beauty is mostly just an illusion and we should see the things behind it. Very nice indeed!


Broken Flowers

Bill Murray with gray hair on the cover. He's getting old. But he's still one of my favourite actors. I didn't see Lost in Translation because I heard it was boring. But I bought Broken Flowers because I just wanted to see what's become of him.
You start the movie and there he is. Bill Murray. And even after visiting old girlfriends throughout the movie because he wants to find the mother of his son - he's still in the same situation like before the movie. Nothing really happens. It's just a story about a guy who is/was very attractive and had so many women he mostly forgot them. The movie is desperately trying to be meaningful. But all that remains is Bill Murray, sitting on a couch. What a waste of acting.


Shrek 2

You've probably all seen it already, I've seen it twice now. It's entertaining throughout the movie and the music choice is awesome. Mike Myers' accent is still the best voice acting choice for Shrek. I couldn't imagine anyone else. But I really think the Antonia Banderas cat is a bit out of character. And I guess everyone knows the picture of the cat with the huge, lovely eyes. Why does everyone think that's cute? I think those big eyes are a sign of fright, close before cats attack. In my opinion, they should've made that cute look differently. But anyway.


A Time to Kill

Since I've just recently read the book by John Grisham I had to check out the movie. Of course, the book was a lot better. In this movie they changed a lot of things and just made it appear like they really tried to squeeze everything into two hours. Although the acting wasn't so bad, the final speech was actually really stunning too. But I can't guarantee that you'll like it if you've read the book.


Mad Dog and Glory

Another film I bought because of Bill Murray. In this movie he shines again as a mafia boss. Robert DeNiro and Uma Thurman are also in it, so there's a lot of superb acting going on. Basic storyline is that DeNiro is a cop who saves Bill's life. With Bill being a mafia boss, he sends DeNiro a present, Uma, and tells her to spend one week with DeNiro and make him happy. Well, they of course fall in love and everything gets complicated when Uma must be returned after the week.
I really enjoyed this movie, especially with Bill being the bad guy this time, but again something was missing. It wasn't the best, and it wasn't the worst experience. If you haven't already seen it, you might want to check it out!


The Firm

Again, I've just recently read the book by John Grisham and I had to pick up this movie to see if they were able to pull it off to make the movie worthwhile. And what I found was a really great thriller, based on the book! Unlike in A Time to Kill they didn't try to bring the book on celluloid, instead they read the book and made a movie version out of it. They changed events, they wrote a new ending, everything to fit into the movie form. If you haven't seen it already, and if you like Tom Cruise and Gene Hackman (who really plays an awesome evil-doer) you might want to check it out sometime in your life!


Gone in 60 Seconds

Pointless. Nicholas Cage and his gang need to steal cars in very short time and in the end they could've done without it? A serious let down. Although I really like Nicholas Cage' acting, this movie just can't be helped.


V for Vendetta

It's very unfair to say this, but this movie was made by the same guys who made the Matrix Trilogy. Why is that important? Because basically V for Vendetta is trying to give the audience kind of the same message as Matrix did: Something's controlling you and you gotta escape. Hugo Weaving is back as well, this time as the good guy who's trying to save England from a Hitler-style reign. The verbal value of this movie however is top notch. There's poetry and references to old plays. Natalie Portman's acting was only so-so. I tried to give her a chance, but mostly she overreacted a bit in dramatic scenes. I don't know. And the end, well, probably there is only this one end for this kind of movie, but it's neither surprising nor entertaining. It's just a "oh well, it had to happen" ending. It ends. That's it.


August 22nd 2006, 21:50:33
Comment to V for Vendetta:
I must say, I didn't intend to watch V for Vendetta, but I got the comic for my birthday
and after reading it, I also wanted to see the movie. The comic really was awesome,
full of meaning, full of depth, full of thoughts, the art quite stylish and full of
mystery mostly because of the V character talking in riddles every time.
Every riddle was solved at the end. Before that you didn't understand what the hell
he was talking about. But at the end everything made sense and it was great. In the
movie the mystery of the V character is completely gone, the end was changed,
the story screwed up, they just put the hollywood action things in there and
replaced all the good stuff. A good action movie left, though.
If you are interested in V, please read the comic and don't watch the film!

August 22nd 2006, 22:53:08
cool, will check it out sometime ^^

August 23rd 2006, 04:21:33
Out of these I've only seen The Weatherman, Shrek 2, and V for Vendetta, and I pretty much agreed with your ratings, except on V, which I think deserved a 5/5. I've never read the comics though, so I really can't compare the two.

Now I'm going to see some of these others, thanks for the recomendations!

P.S. Have you seen Lord of War? I thought that was a really good Nicholas Cage Film.
P.P.S. Do you watch American movies in English or German? I always wanted to know what the dubbing was like! :)

August 23rd 2006, 18:42:02
I always watch movies in their original language, if that's not english, I'll turn on english subtitles... the german dubbing plain sucks. ^^

oh yes, I really want to see Lord of War, already seen the trailer a long time ago ^^ I just realized it's out on DVD so I'll order it right away ^^

August 23rd 2006, 22:00:26
I've seen Lord Of War in the cinema (in German :P). I just can recommend this movie to you. It's full of "real" violence, but mostly presented in a way to make you "hmmm....". Especially the intro is very exicting and ends in an unexpected manner.

August 24th 2006, 11:56:24
I don't know whether the story of Lord of War is realistic or not,
but the movie is pretty good :) . Nicholas Cage is good in there,
the message is also good, but it seems a bit like a conspiracy theory. :/
well anyways, can't hurt to watch it. I'd say 5/5 lol ^^

August 24th 2006, 12:22:48
Yeah Lord of War was a good Movie... I downloaded it but its defenitly one i would but! (if I had the money) :)

August 25th 2006, 00:07:29
About Gone in Sixty Seconds, I like it ... it's a bad movie that's right and it's stupid too but sometimes even I like some action ;D

About V for Vendetta... I haven't read the Comic yet and just watched the film but I liked it. Espcially because of the "Not so~ Happy" End ^^ but you're probably Right :/

August 28th 2006, 07:27:28
I've only seen shallow hal and gone in sixty seconds. Both pretty good movies. (not good enough for me to buy though). I have only bought 2 movies for myself in my life, lol. (same with cd's).

I'm a cheap bastard

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