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Silentium -- Paradiesseits allemal
Silentium -- Paradiesseits allemal

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At The Heart Of It All


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August 29th 1988


Type:Diary entry
Added:September 08th 2006, 01:22:16
Rating:4.66/5 (Votes: 3)

Well... Although I it is very hard for me to become familiar with the entire body of thought of this place, I managed to write a small text about it. I can do better, without a doubt. But I hope you still like it.

"He won't be glad to read this, you know that.", the bald thin man turns away from his board full of statistics. "Of course I know, but can you imagine what would happen if we do not show him the new statistics?", The other man cleans his glasses with his shirt, "I suppose no one of us wants that to happen.". He bows down again and sorts the rest of his papers into his, heavily looking, executive case. "Of course, you are right. The last row of sanctions where horrible, almost, cruel.", the bald man looks nervous at his companion. But he begins to laugh, "Don't worry about me man. Marinus is on my side, he won't crush our heads so easily.". The bald mans anger seems to release, "I hope so, good luck though.". The other one nods smiling as he closes is case and leaves the room. After the door closed behind him, his smile disappears. He picks out a mobile phone, calls a short number and waits for some moments. "Yes, here A-345, I am at HDL-F minus one and would like to report a one zero six by A-204... Yes... Yes... No... Repeat mistrust in CEO's decisions. Yes... Thank you... You too!". He hangs up and walks faster up the hallway, up to the elevator.

"Time fades so fast... it could be your last day today.". A noise interrupts his thoughts. Ping!! The elevator doors open, but no one was there, the floor was empty. The elevator doors close. "One more floor, I hope he is there, this goddamn CEO's darling bastard hippie.". Ping!! The elevator doors open. But no one is there. "Of course he won't show up...". The elevator doors close, but suddenly a hand blocks the doors. The elevator doors open again, and a tall, long haired, pale man entered. He seems to be very well trained and strong. "So you are the new accounting guy, hu?". "Yes." "Right, and you got the new statistics and numbers, right?" "Yes." "Bad for you, dude. I am Marinus by the way. Keep my name as you die.", the tall man giggles. "Yes..." And sometimes thoughts smoothly extend the spoken words, "... you goddamn hippie."

"Right, here we are, booking guy, HDL-FT. Prepare yourself...", "For wha..". As the doors opened an a ice cold breeze went through the elevator; both forced to shiver. "He likes it cold... really cold." Both, slowly entering a hallway, so bright and white that they have to close theirs eyes, in fear they could become blind. "Better hurry, we won't let him wait.". But the bald man could not stop staring at his surrounding. "Does anybody know what this symbol on the flags mean?", "Nej... not really. Just a white snowflake in a grey diamond, right above a stick guy with a point in his head, and with his hands and feets down. Come on accounting guy, hurry, hurry."

It takes a strong arm to open such a big gate. But Marinus does not look like, he's having problem with it. "Ahh, my servants. Oh please come closer... Tell me your problems. I suppose you come with problems on your mind?". A rather tall man stands in front of a huge window, having is back to the door, and watches the snow flakes pass by, while drinking a glass filled with a clear liquid. He does not seem to be amazed about his visitors. "Yes, Sir, bad news. The statistic shows a fall of our...", but the bald man could not complete his sentence. "I know the statistics, the amount of resources we have and even our new credit rating. So tell me something new, or come up with some solutions." "With all due respect, Sir, I still think we should wait and let the market stabilise itself...". "You think what? Do you know who A-304 was?". "Of course, Sir, the accounting manager before me. I learned a lot of his work." "Really, you learned? Did you know what he suggested me? No? The same as you did.". Marinus rolled his eyes while shaking his head. "I hate people who cannot think for themself, and always copy the solutions from the others. You just cannot run a business with such people. What do you think, Marinus?" "Of course, Sir, it's really hard to find good personnel." "Guards, take this copycat out of my line of sight." Heavy armed, hollow looking men hurried into the room, beat the accounting manager to the floor and tear him out of the room. "Shall we take him to the institute, Sir", one of the guards asks. The CEO turns around and looks at Marinus, who was grinning wide. "No, throw him into Marinus' training room.". "Sir, yes, Sir!", the guards out.

The CEO turns around again, to stare out of his window. "What shall we do now, Sir? The victims are as rare as the contracts, the traps won't sell and the enemy is attacking without mercy... Sir." "I am aware of the problem; but if two people say the same it supposed to the truth, right?". "I am sorry, Sir, I cannot follow your thoughts." "We wait, Marinus, we wait. And let the market stabilise itself."

September 08th 2006, 02:51:43
That was a good piece of a reading, flo. You have some serious potential there. Evolve forever, always near perfection, never really at it.

That's our goal, to search for the truth and never to succeed (Muddasheep). :p

P.S.: I really hope the market gets better for your particular interests. ;)

September 08th 2006, 02:52:38
Sorry for the double post! Errare humanum est.

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