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April 05th 1982

Sadism Express, The

Added:February 11th 2007, 23:21:37
Rating:5/5 (Votes: 4)

This is for the recently debugged and recreated HalfQuake AMEN multiplayer server running mostly deathmatch perhaps cooperative with players against monsters

the server will have live HLSTATS at

for more information on how to play on this PROTOCOL 46 server "NOT STEAM"

go to

you can also get the HL1112 update to patch your HL1110 install at

and if you need HL1110 get it at

and of course if you dont have half-life you are sol because i cant distrubute that
however i know someone who did .

lets see some players on the server eh? lets show the new guys what Half-Quake is all about!

the server will be running at

for ease of use just create a shortcut to hl.exe and make the command line look like this
hl.exe -console -game hquake2 +connect

whenever you click the shortcut wolla connected to server no matter what the IP is because its dynamic and changes from time to time

February 12th 2007, 00:40:15
was I the inspiration for this? ^^

February 12th 2007, 01:19:48

February 12th 2007, 19:38:42
mhm is it normal that the lvl the server runs is just a square of lawn?

February 12th 2007, 20:26:25
that is correct an administrator loads up parts thatmake up the level

monsters can also be added

February 12th 2007, 20:31:51
oh ok. so when does the party start ^^

February 12th 2007, 21:22:56
its going strong at this very moment

February 13th 2007, 14:31:09
it was a little erm.. pointless. oO

February 13th 2007, 22:52:27
eh i guess you caught the server on the wrong moment

most people have fun and or get owned

February 13th 2007, 23:15:28
while i was on, there was you and insidious, all you did was building stacks of crates, while me and kowi that was there for a while and this other player that just stepped by were left to watch you. I dont want to say that is boring, but it was boring. Insidious said you'd put me on ed mode, but you didnt. well i dont really get what the server is there for. what is it's purpose? not impulse 101ing and watching giant stacks of crates spawn and explode, is it?

February 14th 2007, 01:02:51
it was a bit more than that

that just happened to be what we were doing atm

log on to entmod using this setinfo string put it in your config.cfg

setinfo "_entpass" "newton"

then use this compiled html help file to use entmod properly

there are many many saved ent lists thats pretty much what you saw

we were crafting traps and puting vortigaunt spawners and dragon spawners then we would have humans try to get to other side it was quite fun untill it degraded into total deathmatch/mayhem

March 10th 2007, 12:16:29
It's not on there anymore WHAT HAPPENED AAAAH, I'M GOING NORMAL WITHOUT IT *sob*

June 19th 2007, 12:26:20
ip change perhaps? its been online for weeks now
current IP

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