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The interveiw.

Added:May 20th 2007, 01:08:20
Series:[ Writeing Experiments ]
Rating:5/5 (Votes: 1)

This is a story experimenting with the idea of descriptive misdirection and display of certain essential facts over other facts.

Matt dressed in silence. He put on a shirt, trousers, tie and gloves. The gloves were purely a formality. He was applying for a job in which good atire was practically essential. He adjusted his tie slightly in the mirror and examined his face. Many men shyed away from any kind of makeup but often it could be just what gave them the edge in interveiws.

He walked along the crowded streets of manhatten. The job interveiw was in an office block just a few streets away. He nervously stepped out into the suburbs and started his trek through the sprawling metropolis. As he passed people on the streets they gave him odd looks, children laughed at him as he strood past, cars hooted their horns at him as he crossed the roads. He speculated at turning back - this had been a bad idea all along, he thought to himself. He somehow managed to arrive at the building without turning into a nervous wreck and entered through the revolving doors.

The receptionist noticed him and in the vacant manner of all receptionists in the world, directed him towards a side room in the entrance hall. He passed through and was confronted immediately with a man who was obviously obsessed by appearance. The most noticeable thing about his appearance was his hat - A huge purple top hat with flames around the sides. As he looked down he saw a fleeting image of a smileing face with eye-shadow drawn in crosses over his eyes. The mans face was immeasurably pale sending bright contrast to his features. He wore a long duck-tailed overcoat and waistjacket. His trousers were buckled high revealing a pair of multicoloured socks.

He looked over Matt's appearence, The makeup bringing out the same pale contrast, a baggy shirt and trousers - both brightly spotted and his bright red bow-tie and huge shoes. He bursted out laughing almost instantly and said between tears of joy - hell don't even open your mouth - I can see your expert clown material already.

Matt smiled warmly as he entered into one of the most unlikely professions he would ever have thought of himself doing.

September 26th 2010, 21:20:57
I really like these kinds of riddle-stories!

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