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Silentium -- Paradiesseits allemal
Silentium -- Paradiesseits allemal

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August 29th 1988

Quick Album Reviews I

Added:May 22nd 2007, 15:34:59
Rating:5/5 (Votes: 3)

Based on muddasheeps wonderful series of highly informative movie reviews I decided to present my own opinion on the latest releases of music I have bought. You may find interesting corners of music you haven't heard of before. But before I fall into poetic schwaermerei...:

by Einstuerzende Neubauten, released 2005, genre: Avantgarde
Number of tracks: 10, overall length: 44 minuites

Their latest public release is an assemble of everything they stand for. A summary so to speak. Both noisy wavy parts and good sounding silence fall together to create an awesome mixture. Fast as noisy (like "Neun Arme" or "Good Morning Everybody") meets slow silence ("Vox Populi" or "Wo sind meine Schuhe?"). Underlined by Blixas talent to write poetic, abstract and yet meaningful lyrics.
Overall rating: 5/5

ANS (box)
by Coil, released 2004, genre: Drone
Number of tracks: 7, overall length: 4 hours 13 minuites

ANS is a three CD/one DVD box set recorded and created 2004 by Jhonn Balance and Peter Christophersen. It is an extended version of the ANS single CD which was released 2003 which is now labeled "CDA" in the box set. All songs where created with the ANS synthesizer (1) located in Russia. The DVD contains virtualizations created by Peter Christophersens which are synced with the tracks. If you like profound and deep drone music this is a very safe bet; coming really close to Coils "How to destroy angels" and "Time Machine". It's structure is very deep, dark and profound leaving an untrained mind mostly unpenetrated but filling heads with imaginations of those who are open for such music. But if you do not even know what drone music is, you should probably keep your hands off it...
Overall rating: 5/5

The Ape of Naples
by Coil, released 2005, genre: minimalistic electronics
Number of tracks: 11, overall length: 1 hour 5 minuites

The Ape of Naples is - except for the announced, yet not released "Moons Milk in Six Phases" - Coils last release, in memoriam to Jhonn Balance. This release contains reissued and remastered tracks recorded at Trent Reznors studio: When you are a fan of Coil music you can easily identify most of the tracks simply by their names: The compilation finishes the "Amethyst Deceiver" series by a track named "The Last Amethyst Deceiver"; remixes like "Teenage Lightning 2005", "Tattoed Man" or "Triple Sun"; but it also has room for new songs ("Fire Of The Mind" or "Amber Rain") . Though the entire album is kept pretty minimalistic it's not boring, whereas different melodies, rythms and sound sets draw a rather varied picture. If you are not yet familiar with Coil music, but would like to scratch the surface a bit, this is probably your choice.
Overall rating: 4/5

Kein Blick Zurueck
by In Extremo, released 2007, genre: folklore/rock
Number of tracks: 23, overall length: 1 hour 36 minuites

In Extremos "best of" album. And no, from my point of view it's not "best of". It is fully loaded with rather new songs rerecorded, in which the the electronic guitar overtunes every tiny bit of ancient musical touch. Even the bagpipes have problems not to drown in the very simple guitar riffs. Everyone who has ever heard a bag pipe in real knows how loud they are. This album is for the simple rock fan who loves some medievel bits in his songs; and is not afraid if Silbermond, Goetz Alsmann or Grave Digger (badly) cover In Extremo songs. I am, so it ain't something for medievel music fans like me.
Overall rating: 2/5

by Lustmord, released 2007, genre: dark ambient
Number of tracks: 4, overall length: 40 minuites

New stuff from the messiahs of dark ambient. How long did I wait for it to be released? Of course there was "Lustmord rising" - old stuff in a new disguise - but listening to newly created hells is always better than remixes. It is what you can expect from Brian Williams: Top notch dark ambient, dragging you, and guides you through every layer of (musical) hell you could ever imagine. Just close your eyes and let it straight to your soul... wouldn't there be King Buzzo (from Melvins) who randomly disturbes the dark silence with low tuned guitar riffs. As much as I adore King's work, and his collaboration on "Pigs of the Roman Empire" he is not the man I would like to mess up beautiful dark ambient.
Overall rating: 4/5

May 22nd 2007, 17:09:23

Lustmord is great.

Did you ever checked the Darkambient Online Radio?

May 22nd 2007, 17:51:51
Of course I do. Especially when I am on a machine where I don't have access to my MP3's.

May 23rd 2007, 01:17:25
I oughta try out some of those albums.
I am one of those guys who didn't hear about Drone music before xD .
Gotta check it out.

Nice reviews! Well arranged, short enough, informative, honest: perfect!

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