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Syndel's Spire

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The Control

Added:June 01st 2007, 23:45:26
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I came up with this while listening to Coldplay's "Fix you" and "Yellow"

Sirens blared in my ears - mechanical sounds ringing in my ears, I stood before her - I witnessed what they'd done to her. She was pinned there against the metal, life draining horror - the reason we were there in that citadel of pain. John shouted something in my ear but I was deaf to the world. She had been mutilated beyond all reason, her carcass spread over a metal panel hardwired to the machine. Her body was almost beyond recognition, covered in dried blood and twisted beyond reason, save for her head and still-beating exposed heart.

John shouted at me again - jolting me back to reality. There would be soldiers here any second. He placed a dagger into my hand and I nodded dumbly to him. This was her... My wife, taken from me by these tyrants, they had forced these atrocities onto her. I am her release, her angel of death. I can bring an end to her pain - There's nothing left for her now. I told myself all these things before looking back upon her, staring deep into her hazel, shattered, aching eyes - begging me to do what I must. I could hear gunshots, somehow irrelevant to this whole situation. Words cannot describe my anguish as I stood there kissed her lips silently before driving the dagger through her heart. I drew away slowly as the machines around her slowed and grinded to a halt. Her head bowed in a final release. I may have just imagined it but... I think she was smiling.

John looked back at me - a new hollowness in his eyes. "You... you really loved her." His words weren't a question.
"Yes." I said simply. The words shaking and tears forming in my eyes. Around us erupted sounds, somehow muted of gunfire and sparking machinery.
"John?" I said. "Can we go home now?"
"Yes. Yes we can... follow me" He said.

I took one last look at my dead love. All this in the name of profit. It wasn't right. I would put a stop to it... but now was the time to get out of here and work out how I'm going to deal with being the murderer of my wife.

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