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Incarceration [pt 9]

Added:June 02nd 2007, 03:01:37
Series:[ Victimisation ]
Rating:Not rated yet.

The leader of the institute had created his institute as a part museum for sadism. Much of the world's rejected books, film and media were declared too graphic, disturbing or sadistic for the world population. These various items were of great interest to the sadist community and many of them were kept in museums or private gallerys. Many of the world's tradgedys, injustices and tales of betrayal or accidental trapment were bought and sold over the black market.

The assasin reflected. There wasn't very much else to do in his current state. He learned from the other souls trapped in the building that he was unlikely to escape until his remains left the grounds of the institute. The institutes worked from a very insular veiw - this particular one being one of the most self-contained. Everything in the institute was provided and the only foreign import was victims and slaves, besides various artifacts bought off the black market. Because of the insular nature and the goal of the institute to confuse and disoreintate victims many victims did not even beleive they were truely alive, resulting in a lack of faith of death. Without death, souls of victims were trapped beneath the ocean.


"Go, go, go!" Shouted a commander to his squad. Grinding noises and screaming existed all around him in the dark. Only the immense dicipline enspired by their drills allowed them to stay organised long enough to stop the trap. After the last crack sounded and the last gargling monster hit the floor the commander assessed the damage.
"Report grunts!" He said gruffly into his radio.
"Sir, I don't know what happened, many of the forward scouts have reported a laughing madman who's been decimateing our troops. The traps are getting more tenacious and we have men down on every corner. We need medics now!"
"Pull yourself together soldier, our target is the leader - if you see this madman take a shot - it may well be him."
"Sir, yes S-*chhhrkkk* Muhahaha!"
"Soldier? What happened? ...Damnit!" The commander shouldered his rifle and trained it in the direction the scout had gone.

It's not easy being a sadistic mastermind, the sadist thought to himself, swinging a dislocated human arm around casually beside him. Beside him lay a corpse and blunt fire axe. He casually checked his ammo for his revolver, glanced into the overhead monitors and grinned before dashing at inhuman speed towards the next cluster of soldiers.


Somehow this was getting... easier...

The victim had as much ammo as he could carry, a crossbow and even some food he had raided from a strange diner. Many of these "traps" had begun to malfunction or even self-destruct, it seemed whoever controlled this mad house was busy elsewhere. Suddenly a panel gave way to a slight tremor, revealing a huge open room full of shelves. The victim cautiously wondered out into the ailes examing their contents, alert for any threat.

It seemed this was a different room to all other he'd seen, for one this room was actually furnished - still in black, white and green but with the difference that this room seemed to have some sort of logical support structure. On the shelves were manuscripts, paintings - even weapons. All with a detailed background of previous use and location. One caught his eye at the far end of the row, a bright green sword with grey hilt. The caption said: "Originally manufactured by Murthur, this sword allows the sadist to pit the victim against monsters likely to cause fatal amounts of pain while still giving the victim a decent chance to survive. The sword works by draining the power of certain monsters and converting it into stimulants and adrenaline boosts injected into the blood stream through subtle spikes in the gaurd. The victim can then fight longer, stronger and still has the added bonus of feeling the full effect of every attack used against him.

The victim grinned as he grabbed the sword. He didn't know about the original purpose of this weapon - to prolong the pain, he figured added stimulants may just keep him awake and ready long enough to escape this. He placed his crossbow carefully into his backpack and left the ailse at the end of the hall.

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