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The Rebellion of the Victims
The Rebellion of the Victims

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May 01st 1984

Quick Movie Reviews VII

Added:June 02nd 2007, 23:58:45
Series:[ Quick Movie Reviews ]
Rating:4.75/5 (Votes: 4)


Pursuit of Happyness (2006)

Will Smith in a serious role? Yep, and he's doing a very fine job at it. In fact, he kicks ass! It's about a man who tries to get inside a company and does EVERYTHING to get in there. Also worth mentioning: The story's based on true events. This is a movie you HAVE to see, especially when you need motivation. Or when you think your life sucks. This movie is a gem, really. There's no excuse not to watch this one.


Casino Royale (2006)

So, I'm supposed to believe that this James Bond plays before ALL other James Bond movies, right? Then tell me where everybody in the movie has these new and shiny mobile phones and the latest cars of 2006. That fact alone ruined the movie for me. They just didn't give a crap about that at all, and it really bothered me. Other than that it's very action-ish, so if you send your brain on vacation for 140 minutes you could even enjoy this movie.


Smokin Aces (2006)

Lots of guns, lots of naked women, lots of blood. The makers seem to try to be "weird" sometimes by throwing over the top things at you, but they somehow fail and slip into the ridiculous side. Nevertheless it's still nerve-racking until the final conclusion, which is a bit of a let down - a wanna-be-intelligent conclusion. I think they wanted to wow the audience like Fight Club did, but after the movie builds up this large pile of excitement it just pops and slowly withers.


Freedom Writers (2007)

I mainly checked out this movie because Hilary Swank was playing the lead role, and I knew her from Million Dollar Baby. This movie has reminded me a lot of Dangerous Minds (1995) where a teacher struggles to teach a class. It's basically the same here, only I think it comes accross a lot better. I really enjoyed this one, the characters are all great, the story is heartwarming - and it's based on a real life story. A nice little feel-good movie.


No Man's Land (2001)

Simply wow. I usually don't like war movies, but this is a biting satire. It makes you think, it makes you laugh, it makes you sad. This should definitely be on everybody's to-watch list.


300 (2006)

In my defense I haven't seen this one in the theater. So maybe that's the reason I wasn't blown away like everybody else. I found it highly ridiculous. In one scene they're standing on a pile of corpses and that leader guy Leonidas or whoever grabs an apple and eats it. What the hell? What about that "THIS IS SPARTA" crap that everybody seems to make fun of now? Why is 80% of the movie in slow-motion? And who actually cares about the dialogues? This is high up there with the other biggest wastes of time. And no, it's not even good if you're just looking for an action movie to sit back and relax. I did myself a favor and checked out the graphical novel by Frank Miller which the movie is based on. But I guess it's just not my thing.


Little Children (2006)

There are two couples. The man of the first couple is secretly having "conversations" with an internet model, so the woman is very unhappy. The woman of the second couple is very busy with her work, so the man is very unhappy. Both unhappy people find each other. So they meet and cheat on their actual partners. There is a pervert who watches children underwater. His mother tries to get him a date with a girl. And there's a cop who's trying to catch that pervert. And when the movie ends it just ends. Weird.


The Devil Wears Prada (2006)

I don't know what to make of this film. Meryl Streep plays her role as the most influencal magazine editor very well. The plot is okay, the main character played by Anne Hathaway is believable enough, and the ending is okay too. It's a bit similar to Pursuit of Happyness in the sense of finding yourself, finding what destiny has in stock for you. You may wanna give it a try. But don't expect too much.


Big Nothing (2006)

Hell, yes! No, it's not a sequel to Vincenzo Natali's Nothing, but both films have one thing in common: Nothing. When the movie is gone what remains is exactly nothing. Still, you can't miss a movie where a woman gets an axe thrown at her head, she says "Well I'll be... I haven't heard Pink Floyd in years" and then dies. It's dark humor. Just the way we like it!


Miss Potter (2006)

Potter? No, this has nothing to do with our little dirty wand-waving Harry. Actually based on real life, this movie is about a woman who's drawing her whole life and then finally gets to publish children books. Ewan McGregor especially makes this movie shine. I just love his acting. It's a tad bit disappointing towards the end (but that's how life is, right?) - and yet you can't help and start dreaming as well after the credits have rolled. A fine piece of film.


Apocalypto (2006)

I guess everybody has heard about this one. It's Mel Gibson's most recent attempt at directing. First things first, it's violent. Things like human sacrifice aztec style is probably not something you see everyday. I have to say that I couldn't stop watching because it's a very thrilling experience from beginning to the end. I think you have to see this one for yourself.


Eragon (2006)

I think this one is one of the most ridiculous films ever produced. There is one scene in particular where Eragon looks into an armor plate and you see his distorted reflection of his face on the metal, and he says "I don't even recognize myself anymore". Well, duh. Moments like that really raise the question if anybody of the creators actually watched that movie before releasing it. The dragon was cool though. Nicely animated, and spoken by Rachel Weisz who played Brendan Fraser's wife in the Mummy movies.


Lost Season 3 (2006)

Who would have thought that this show could survive another season? Well, if you watched it you'd certainly believe it. And I'd say you start now with the pilot of the first season. It's not realistic, but it's mystery and I like every bit of it. Most of the actors do an excellent job as well. The writers should get a Badge of Awesomness.


Heroes Season 1 (2006)

Like it says in the show, ordinary people find out that they have powers. Now if you stand up and yell "XMENRIPOFF", please do yourself a favor and actually watch it. It has a cool atmosphere throughout each episode, a gripping storyline, and there's a lot of spoken Japanese (for those who like it). And it's fun. I can't wait for season 2.


June 03rd 2007, 10:06:32
"The writers should get a Badge of Awesomness. "


June 03rd 2007, 10:39:19
I think, 300-something like Matrix in The Ancient Greece^^

June 03rd 2007, 19:52:57
I disagree in one point with you: Apocalypto would only receive a 3/5 from me: Because of the ending. This horrible deus ex machina - disguised as the Spaniards - ruins everything: How did he get his woman out of the cave? Without hurting the newborn? Why did the two hunters not kill him as he was sitting in the sand? No, and don't say that does not matter. "He just managed to do it somehow": It is pure lazyness from the director. All in all the movie is worth viewing but it has one of the most terrible endings I have ever seen. Honestly.

June 04th 2007, 03:02:34
I think the only movie I've watched from this list is 300. I watched it at the theatre, and believe me, that didn't make it any good. My feeling after it was that of having expected a huge anacronism. King Leonidas lines were far too cliche and got me back to the real world the few times the argument managed to get me into the film. I'm not a good critic, I couldn't say exactly what made me dislike this movie so much, but I can tell you I disliked it. A lot. I could definitely leave it with a 2/5

I enjoy your reviews a lot, muddasheep, but perhaps they could use a bit more of reviewing, besides 'only' your final impression or recomendations. It's my only critic and it just applies for some of the items you've reviewed. Please don't kill me ^^

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