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Added:July 06th 2007, 04:50:30
Series:[ Writeing Experiments ]
Rating:4.5/5 (Votes: 2)

An experiment with the idea of informal, traditional storytelling with fantasy elements aplenty. I may decide to start working on developing this as a series once I have finished work on The Returned.

Ah. What's the point? You wouldn't believe me even if I told you. But... the beer is good and my lips are loose so here is how it happened. I've lost count of how many times I've told this story, told it to youngsters such as yourself - I've told it so many times I can almost tell it without pause for thought. It all started with my coming of age in my clan. The clan had fallen on hard times back then. I had become one of the fiercest fighters of the clan - even before I had been accepted into the clan by right of passage. They were bad times. No other word - despite what you may have heard from the "alliance" - could describe the hardships. We were under constant siege from the beasts of the wilds, great - ravenous things. Teeth as long as your arm, short stocky... powerful legs. Fur the texture of a field of nettles, the colour of a dark rage. We called them the Wilder Beast, though such beasts are far from that you'd find now-a-days. My right of passage was to defeat one of these monsters in unarmed combat. The beast was starved for days after capture, making it instantly susceptible to fits of madness. My particular foe was to be one of the wildest ever caught. It had gored one man, leaving him lying sprawled on the ground, blood flowing freely from the wounds. Even then that man had not woke despite the healer's attempts at reviving him. It occurs to me now that I don't know if he ever recovered for that day... my day... was to become the most legendary in our clan, nay our village's history.
I was in the arena, full battle raiment but feeling as naked as a child against the nearby thrashing and growling of the beast. The small cage, made of strong oak made to look as if it was made of matchsticks as the beast struggled. Eventually the clan leader gave the sign and the cage was flipped open. I was facing directly opposite the beast, it charged me and I froze. This twenty, thirty stone pile driver of muscle and teeth roared towards me and I stood there, transfixed. I had fought beasts before but none with the sheer power of intent that faced me that day. I am sure that had not the... eh.. event, happened I would have been torn from my body that day. In any case as I stood there a bright light illuminated the arena. A figure had appeared, hovering but a few feet above the ground. It was... indescribable in it's appearance. I had to shield my eyes from it's brilliance as it floated there. I cannot be sure but I would swear to this day I heard it utter a word. "No." At that point it revolved itself to face me, I saw clearly it's features. A being maybe twice the size of a man, wing defined themselves in it's form outstretched, static despite the ever-present gravity. It was a being of purest colours, white with a sort of slightly less white blue defining features. There was something odd about the being but, at the time I could find nothing to justify my apprehension. I asked it "What are you?", the beast and the crowd having been forgotten in all of this. It shook it's head, the movement leaving trails of purples and blues in the air behind it. It raised a finger, almost a beam of pure light, to it's lips. It was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. I stood there, transfixed. The air seemed to hang still around me before the being spoke again. "Azarahl, you shall not fear but there will be cause for fear... forgive me." And with that it disappeared in a flash of light, so bright as to burn the eyes from your sockets. I fell to the ground, felt unfamiliar, rough, grass under my fingertips. I opened my eyes and found myself in another world.

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