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Added:July 23rd 2007, 01:22:23
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Who can say it was my fault? I wasn't there. Hell, I've never been there. But, if I had been there, I certainly wouldn't have killed him. If I had would I be talking to you right now? When it all comes down to it, regardless of how things seem or appear you just have to ask yourself can you prove it? Could you awnser definately whether it was me with the candlestick in the library? But, I'm willing to tell you how it would have happened if it had been me.

The cops think it all started at the bar that night. They're wrong. It... would have started the previous day. Even the cops agree it must've been pre-meditated but adding alcohol into the equation is stupid. I'm willing to bet it was some guy she knew personally. What? The killer can't be a she all of a sudden? You think to automatically assume it was a he? Both are valid ideas in this case. Anyway I doubt it was just some bozo, the victim, a personal friend of mine, was a famed womaniser - often holding bets and competitions for how many girls he could chat up, that sort of thing. At any rate I'm betting she had a personal reason for her acts.

I was in the bar that day, keeping my head down, I didn't order and left before the cops arrived. I was a shadow to all, don't even try to look for traces of me there - all you have is my word I was there. It was dark that night. The bar was always a place to hang out when it was too cold or stormy to do much else, also, with the bar being situated on the docks, faceing the sea, it became the respite of many a worn out sailor or a buissiness man, down on his luck. That's not to say it didn't have it's fair share of miscreants. Beggers, bullys and theives could all be found at the bar, hugging their strong, warm drinks as if the whole world could be kept out by the fortification of their beer.

I saw them enter, I saw them leave. I saw much inbetween. There were three originally, most didn't notice the third because he left shortly after they arrived. I imagine he was a taxi driver of some sort - I'm sure he could tell much about what happened that night, if he hadn't been brutally murdered in the early hours of the following morning. A serial killer perhaps? At any rate all three took places near the bar. Most of the conversation was bland and boring and most of the shady characters lost interest quickly but I could tell something was going down. The driver began to act more like an escort than an actual part of the meet and after a single drink declared he would leave and be waiting outside. Once he had gone things started to get interesting, my curiousity was peaked at this odd couple but most others seemed disinterested and turned away as he left. I kept watching, nurseing my beer as the two conversed. The guy was a typical greaseball, it was obvious straight away what his intentions had been. As soon as the driver had left he bagan putting the moves on her, sweet talking her and rubbing up against her. She, for her credit, took it well to begin with but she was no pushover and, under his continual probeing, began to anger. Eventually she could stand no more and simply pushed him off her. That's when things started to get violent. Drunk or not the guy wouldn't take no for an awnser and started trying to pressure her into leaveing alone. The bartender, witnessing all this asked her if he was "bothering" her. She replied cooly "No, I'm more than a match for this punk" at which point he became enraged. He forced the glass from her hands, throwing it down to the counter, cracking it and spilling the beverage all over the bartender. He then took her by the arm and forcibly dragged her to the door. At this point the driver re-entered, face like an enraged bull. He took them both by the arms dragged them outside.

I was not there for the rest of what happened but I find it easy to guess what happened next. I'm betting the driver started driveing them away and calmed by the prescence of his security the girl got risky. It was obvious to me that she was looking for a challenge, someone she could mess with. She blatently had no real feelings for the guy. At any rate she must have convinced the driver to take them somewhere else, probably a crowded place, full of tourists - even at that late hour. Probably the mall. Of course it's obvious what happened when they got there. She disappears into the crowd and he follows, stalking her all the way. The driver, left clueless as they both vanish, phones the police to start a search but by the time they arrive she's half way across town. The murder scene was the old dock foundrys, the police were crawling all over it hours before the death was announced. That place is full of old, heavy machinery. Lots of chains, lots of steel, lots of cart tracks. Limitless ways of killing someone, includeing, of course, the fact that it's surrounded by water on three sides. It must have been bitterly cold there, out in the exposed dock front and open-air buildings. What happened in between the time they escaped the driver and the time they reached the docks is probably always going to be a secret but it seems they must have calmed down a bit to still reach there together. They probably even lit a fire from the wood scrapes that litter that area. Regardless, with a person like that, they don't stay honourable long. I'm betting as soon as they'd both kipped down for the night he was at it again, trying to "conserve warmth". Well I can't imagine her reacting well to that so that was probably when she did it. All that metal, all that wood, all that fire. I'm betting she could've done any number of things with the body but first I'd imagine she probably burnt him. Pushing him onto the fire she would cry her victory, as he'd struggle and roll she'd kick him, or hit him with any number of sheets of metal. If he lay on the track she could even have used the carts to dismember him, arms, legs, neck - I doubt there would be much that could survive one of them being pushed over a body. Eventually, whether by bludgeon or evisceration she'd be triumphant. But if the police were already looking for them and the driver had been there as well... maybe the driver needed to go as well. She probably left his corpse to burn at the docks before heading for the driver's house, metal shards at the ready. His death would have been quick when she found him. I doubt he'd even have had time to say hello. Of course if her family didn't know or care where'd she'd been she would never have to worry about witnesses.

In the end though, it's only one girls theory of what went down that night. So if that's all officer, I have a bar to visit.

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