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Syndel's Spire
Syndel's Spire

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The End.

Added:July 29th 2007, 05:40:54
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So that's that. We had a good run, as a species. There were times when rivalrys, jealousy and human nature caused us to be on the brink of disaster. There were countless hundreds lost simply to the eb and flow of human will and chaotic wishes.
But yes, we had a good run. As the shells fell, the walls shook and the burning light erased the darkness... we ran, oh yes we ran. We ran for the bunkers. We ran for ourselves. We ran for our race because the only thing that could save us from our own selfish hearts was our own selfish desire to survive. We built our own tombs, pillars of stone, walls of steel, cold as our own flesh, to chill to the touch.
But we had a good run. When it came down to it we did advance. We expanded, hell, we even owned the entire world - or at least we would have if we could have agreed for long enough who owned which slice of the cake of existance. And so with this button, this last insult to our own stupidity, my goodbye present to the human race, do I cleanse the planet? Do I rescue that which has been opressed for countless eons? Or am I simply fullfilling what mankind was meant to do in the first place?
But we did have a good run didn't we? When it came down to it we survived, to build again, to protect ourselves against what bested us before. We explored, we advanced, we protected. We did all theese things but ultimately we killed. We maimed. We destroyed. Oh yes, we had a good run... running from ourselves, repeating the endless cycle of birth and death, invention and destruction, freedom and persecution, stupidity and... stupidity. I suppose all you have to ask yourself as the bombs fall, as the last shreds of humanity hammer on your bunker door, meters from safety but doomed to die, mangled in the streets, what you ask yourself is...

...Did we have a good run?

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