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Cthulhu - An Unspeakable Modification for Half-Life
Review by ReBoot, March 01st 2004, 13:21:55

Do you know H.P. Lovecraft? When you like scary stories, you should know him. He doesn't use the old pictures of undead or the evil as the devil. His uses other ways to scare the reader. His evil comes from somewhere we can't reach it and it's methods are neither known nor discoverable.

One of Lovecraft's most favourite creations is Cthulhu, a godlike creature prisoned in a temple under the ocean. He's one of the Great Old Ones, a race which once ruled the earth.

In the mod, you are chasing a cult. The priests want to free Cthulhu, who would destroy the humankind. Beginning with a nightmare, you chase the sect, until you find the secret temple.


I kinda liked it. It's straight, but in the story, you drive from town to town, following the notices you get from your old friend and from books.
Yes, you can really read books. When you use one, you get a (nicely done) picture of a book site (or of a paper sheet). After a time, it changes to a new one or disappears, so if you are a slow reader, you should pause the game.
You are solving puzzles and fighting monsters. There are also some boss fights. Nice: you can use almost every weapon your enemies use.
You have not only normal weapons, but 2 spells. They youse your sanity which you get by killing bosses or on some special places. Be careful, when your sanity meter reaches 0, you'll get lost to Cthulhu.


Let's begin with the worst part: the levels. The textures are ok. (Although, I'd like to see more custom textures. VALVes ones look also nice, but they remind on black mesa.) The Brushwork is the real problem of this mod. Often, houses are just squares. "A bit" more detail would be nice, also for the own car.
The models are better. Some enemies are taken from Half-Life, some are custom. Almost all models look nice. There are some weird looking creatures and the cultists have different faces. Only the animations are sometimes simple.


Weapons sound authentic, Cthulhus creatures are scary and the cultists make prayers to Cthulhu. All in one, the soundwork is ok.


I liked the gameplay and the atmosphere. I also liked that also other stories from Lovecraft were involved. The only (really bad) point are the levels. The author used map changes too often (he worked 2 years for the mod, but 2 years ago it was already possible to make larger maps) and the brushwork could be made by me (and this IS bad).
But when you get used to the graphics, you'll get rewarded by a good story and the impression, really to be involved in something big.

Overall Rating:

The main charakter telling you his thoughts by driving

Entering the black church (of course, on a graveyard)

Archeologic village, where we go underground

... and through a time portal

Meet a cultist in a dark valley

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