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Black Ice by AC/DC
Review by psychomessiahs, October 26th 2008, 01:30:40

I have been into AC/DC for at least a decade, back when I started to listen to bands and music that has been big before I was born and so I was quite hyped when I heard they would record a new album and tour again. Seeing them live was out of the question, due to the fact that I am not related to King Croesus. (Damn greedy fucktards!), so i simply got myself the CD. Bought it, listened, and here we go.

First impression:

The CD looks really good. Its one of those cardboard boxes, not the clear plastic ones. The cover and the inlayed booklet are really nice to look at, sure as hell no bad designer at work. The booklet it loaded with pictures of the band. The CD itself is pitch black with the AC/DC logo as white outlines on it and the line "Black Ice" in almost impossible to see grey on black.

Quick Song by Song Review:

1.: Rock 'n Roll Train (4:24)
Just to get this straight, this song kicks ass. Made me feel like listening to good old "Back in Black" again. All my fears the band might have become as shit as all those comeback bands lately had been blown away in an instant. The drums, the riffs - you dont even have to wait for the voice to know who is playing. This is AC/DC as they always were.

2.: Skies on Fire (3:37)
The Sound is a bit more blues like than usual but it works well. And the chorus has definitely sing-along value.

3.: Big Jack (4:00)
Faster than the two songs before and clearer in the guitar lines. This song is perfect for driving his car, or motorbike for that matter :P I really love Angus' guitars in this.

4.: Anything goes (3:25)
At first i was a bit surprised. It sounds nothing like what you would expect from AC/DC. There is no opening riff, it just starts off into some kind of folkish, rock'n'rollish chilled out line. Memories of "Whiskey in a Jar" pop into my head and I want to drink a beer.

5.: War Machine (3:13)
2 things shot through my head as I heard the first seconds: "Ok, doesnt really sound like a WARMACHINE, more like a walk in the park" and "This sounds exactly like 'Giving a dog a bone', lol". But the song comes out really nice. Its really hard not to handbang to it. And the solo is brilliant.

6.: Smash n Grab (4:09)
This song isnt one of my favourites and I dont really no why. Its relaxed and nice to listen to, but it lacks a bit of an edge. And when in the chorus he sings "Smash, grab and take it." at the "and take it" it just sounds a bit too much like 'Hells Bells', but that is just me.

7.: Spoilin' for a Fight (3:20)
Great song, great riff, great vocals. Period.

8.: Wheels (4:24)
I call this 'Highway to Hell pt.2' and I dont even mean that in a bad way. This is a really cool song.

9.: Decibel (3:37)
Wow, this is a cool groove. Has something bad-assy to it but its not right in your face. Listening to this give me a warm happy feeling.

10.: Stormy May Day (3:11)
The intro riff is awesome! Sounds a bit like its played with a bottle-neck. Definitely one of the best songs on the album.

11.: She likes Rock 'n Roll (3:56)
Haha I dont know what it is, maybe its the title, maybe its the stepping beat, but something to this song makes me think of strip clubs. I think that's where it belongs and I dont mean that in a bad way at all!

12.: Money Made (4:18)
This song is a bit tricky. The intro is awsome, and the verses too. But the chorus is just a bot to flat and mushy for my taste. I cant really relate to that song.

13.: Rock 'n Roll Dream (4:44)
Very un-AC/DC-ish. Very balladesce. Very dreamlike. With a few hard rock insertions to remind you what band you are listening to, but the overall sound stays melodic and cool. I like it though.

14.: Rocking all the Way (3:25)
The vocal in this songs intro gave me goosebumps. This is Rock. Pure and Simple. AC/DC in perfection.

15.: Black Ice (3:27)
They did well in putting this song last on the list. I was almost crying tears of happiness. What a delicious song. A dynamic guitarline and a drumline that is better than in any other of the songs on the album. This song definitely has potential of becoming a favourite of many.


The album is a brilliant piece of Rock'n'Roll and Hard Rock music. Highly recommendable for all those who like those genres. And all those AC/DC fans that like me are worried it might suck compared to their earlier work - Don't worry, get the album.

Great Job Guys. (But your concert ticket prices.... for shame..)

>Appetizer: Black Ice
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