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Epic Update Part IV
By muddasheep, August 03rd 2004, 19:48:45

Dear sadists,

here's the final update of the epic series.

- Fixed major field bug
- Fixed bug at traps destruction which made ClickMoveâ„¢ impossible

--Chosen Victim--
- 40 new artifacts to fill up empty inventories, can be won in BombVictims game
- Inventory redone
- New attack formulas: (especially for you Divinus :D)
1. Intelligence, Defense and Strength have a limit of 500
2. Defense is damage reduction in percent of incoming attack, 500 equals 80% reduction
3. Intelligence is percentage of dodging, 500 equals 80% dodging

I gave everyone (5 * chosen victim level) status points for your chosen victim, set all items to "not in use" and all strength, intelligence and defense points to 1. Sorry for all inconveniences.

The contest packages will be shipped tomorrow.

Have a nice time.


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