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PHQ - Fourth Age - Part IV - Release!
By muddasheep, October 20th 2005, 17:36:29

Dear sadists,

let me invite you to yet another version of PHQ, full of bugs and exploits that you'll have to find again!

I'm really excited about this. Please give proper feedback and constructive criticism on everything you see, that is my paycheck.

Here's the complete list of updates.

- Hackers Item removed
- Trading Ability removed
- Missed Days Usage removed

- New player classes: Traps Crafter and Contracts Seller

- Fixed ridiculous daily event bugs (You got 1121636 victims.)
- Fixed Internet Explorer Forum Bug with Italics Fonts (link: )
- Fixed Login/Logout Javascript Bug (finally, didn't know it was really a bug until I took a closer look)

- Team Page Design improved
- New Bomb Victims Interface
- New Budget Design
- Daily boss messages improved
- Improved XP System (for PHQ, and CV)
- New Player Rating System
- New Submenu Style (Drop-Down) (Change it back in your profile if you want)
- Black Market Pages redesigned
- Now 30 items of each CV item type will be stored in the Black Market (instead of 50 in total)
- New Black Market section: Sell Resources
- New Main Menu
- New Mini-Game: Sadistic Fortune Cookie (under "Toys")
- New Items: Crafting Skill and Contracts Fame
- New Contract: First Aid Victims
- New Trap System: Now you can place traps in your institute!
- Limit: You can't have more than 30 creatures of a type anymore
- Limit: You can't have more than 50 traps anymore (only 36 of which can be "active")
- Limit: You can't have more than 20 contracts anymore
- Deleted inactive players (from 2000 down to 450 users)
- Added Ranking of the 3rd Round to the main page of PHQ
- Chosen Victim is hungry now and has a loyality value

For some features there are already Dragon entries, so try to ask your ass-istant. If you have ANY questions, please post them in the forums, so others can read them as well (including my answers).

The personal menu is gone for now. Also, you cannot have any other main menu style at the moment, because I'm still in the process of making some new buttons, and I'm trying to figure out menu styles that actually make sense now (at least a bit more sense than the "Text+Graphical" style).

Also, there are some design changes that will come in the next few days, but who cares. ^^

Have fun!


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