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The Torment Begins!
By muddasheep, February 05th 2007, 18:36:41

Let the carnage begin!

The Draversi Tournament has now been officially started!

All players please play as quickly as possible. If you don't take your turns within 1 RealLife Day you get disqualified! I'd like those games not to last longer than 7 days. If they do, we'll have to figure things out (this will be different from situation to situation).

If you finish your game, please give me one day to enter the results. Unfortunately I have a job, so I can't be checking how the tournament goes 24/7. (:

To get to the next round, all games of one round have to be finished!

Everyone can watch the games by clicking the Rounds tab in the Draversi Tournament section, or by clicking here:

Draversi Tournament Rounds

If you have any questions/complaints/prayers, don't hesitate to throw them the news comment's way.

Good luck to the Draversi Fighters!


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