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The End Of Forever
The End Of Forever

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Sadistic Eskimo INC


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September 21st 1985


Name: Sean William Ogden (For those of you who don't know, it's pronounced Shawn)

Age (Birthdate) : 20 (21/9/85) (Thought I should update that, lol.)

Location: Australia.

Ethnicity: White... Little tanned.

Female or male? Male.

Siblings: One older brother.

Favorite color: Grey. Yay for ambiguity.

Favourite movies: The Matrix (orginal), The ring, Cube.

Favourite musicians: Muse, Silverchair.

Favorite songs: Map of your head (Muse), Hysteria (Muse), Hyper chondriac Music (Muse), Freak (Silverchair), Greatest view (Silverchair).

Is the glass half empty or half full? Half empty. Theres also a hair in it.

Is America too full of itself? I don't like to judge people on their ethnicity, but as a country... yeah...

Favorite animals: Dogs. (I got two golden retrivers)

Loner or social type? A social loner. If that makes any sense. I'm part of a group of freinds, but i guess were a minority... but i still like to be alone sometimes... But if my freinds want to do anything, i'll always go ahead with it.

Part of any cliques? Nope.

Are you insane? Depends on your opinion. I personally don't think i'm insane... But hey, you never know...

Worst fears: Being able to see my death coming... Like watching an a-bomb cloud go up in the distance, or falling off a building.

Life goal: To make stories

Religion: None. But endless nothing worries me.

Career goals: Trying to get into Uni at the moment...

Do you believe in fate? No. I reuse to belive that my life was pre-ordaned

Is the world a great place? Well, it COULD be, but we have a habit of screwing it up.

Favorite quote: "I'm sick of feading my soul, to people who'll never know, just how purposeless and empty they've grown." - Muse (Lyrics from "Map of your head")

What brought you here? The orginal Half-quake.

What would you do to change the world if you could? Make everyone wake up to themselves. Change how government's work, stuff like that...

The thing you hate most about the world: How people can be so stupid.

The things you like most about the world: The fact that, there are things like this, where I can go to get away from it all...

Anyone you wanna thank?: Yes of course, Muddasheep for all his commitment and work that he has put into all of this. You have my undying respect.

Total Personal Pages: 225 - Total series: 116 - Total texts: 874
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