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Little Existence
Little Existence

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Seth Galaxy Corp.


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November 20th 1986


Seth Cagestone it's just my Nickname i don't like to tell my Realname to people on the Net.

Age (Birthdate):
18 [20.11.2005] 20.11.1986

Universe >> Earth >> Germany >> NRW

Favorite color:
Black, Black like the universe and the eternity and the Infinity of Space if i look up the Sky (at Nigth) i see... Nothing xD (Because in front of my Room there is a street light -.- it's just to bright to see stars) But if i see Stars it's one of the gorgeoust things i can think off anf if you see Pictures of foreign Galaxies and White Dwarfs and all that things that are out it's you overwehlming it's the pure art of Nature and Never forget the Moon in some Nights when everything is dark but you can see the Moon it's awhhh ;.;

Red, Red Like Fire and Blood (in my Youth i'd say Red like Love but that's not true for me (anymore)). The Fire of a Fireplace has something that hmmm yeha it's warm friendly easy to relax but it also makes me sad... It reminds me of things i don't want to think off. Blood the Life Essence in someway it's warm too even if i don't like to see it very much. But if i'd have to paint a picture of my heart there would be much much blood...

Blue, Blue like Water Blue like the sea it's a so peaceful place why can't be our live be more like this? It has something that helps me to relax even if i don't see the sea that often.

Favourite movies:
Armageddon, I like Bruce Willis and this Women who playes his Daugther (and is his Daugther in Real Life?!) is so sweet

Spawn, Not Giving Up after knowing of such an destiny

Tron, I like it can't tell why it's just a really really great Movie :)

Dragon Heart, Even if it has somehow a This-is-a-Template-Story-Put-Something-In thing it's nice and this Dragon... Old Wise Wounded... It's beautiful

Gattaca, A Future Vision that's maybe not so unreal...

Es lebt! [Roughly Translated: It lifes!] Maybe it's not so well known so i'll tell the Story... After a War there's nothing left everything is burned no Trees etc. and thre is a Scientist... He experiments with Chemnicals and someday he makes a mistake and becomes something like nature it self and there is his sone he's the only one who can walk outside even at Noon and dosen't get burn. The Story is mainly about him and the Girl he likes :) His dad does something great with her... It's just a really cool film with a Happy End

Here're some Animes i like
Jin Roh, I see dead People ;) It's about a Member of a Special Command Unit

Neon Genesis Evangelion - The End of Evangelion, Neon Genesis Evangelion (NGE) It self is GREAT it's so damn i always have to cry if i see the Series but the Movie ;;;.;;;

Final Fantasy - The Spirits within, Nice to see such good Animations :) Note: The Hair of Aki took 70% of the Rendering time (AFAIK)... Did you notice? She's the only one with long hair.

Serial Experiment Lain, Just Great :) even if it's a Series not a Movie :)

And some more...

Favourite musicians:
Joydrop, Suzanne Vega, Muddasheep, RMB, Dune, Nine Inch Nails, System of a Down, Kai Tracid, Paul van Dyk and some more :/

Favorite songs:
RMB - Spring
Dune - Nothing Compares
Dune - Somebody
Console - 14 Zero Zero
System of a Down - Jet Pilot
Muddasheep - Family Festivals
Muddasheep feat. Ricewind - Do not Disturb

some more can't list them all ^^"

Favorite books:
Yeha i haven't read that many books... But @School i read some that weren't that bad:
Der Schimmelreiter, It's about a Man that builds a dyke?! and his Horse i didn't liked it at first but now i have to say it's a great book somehow
Die letzten Kinder von Schewenborn, A Nuke Explodes in Germany while a Family is on it's way to some relatives and the story is about how they get through live after the explosion (Some parts are really though to read... a little Kid seeing her dead mother burned to avoid plague)

Is the glass half empty or half full?
It's half empty. Somehow many things (People) never reach the state of being full there are just diffrent levels of beeing empty or something like that... If you think of People as a Container that is filled with Love, Joy etc... There is no real state where someone says i don't want more joy or love at least i haven't heard that and i don't think that i'll ever be able to reach such a state..... :|

Favorite animals:
Eagles, Free and Mighty
Whale, Big and peacfully
Dogs, A really good friend
Wolves, Lone somehow... Night Active

People that treat Animals bad should be punished somehow. I know it's sounds weird to hear something like that from someone that still eats meat (Think how Animals that are "used" in food Production are treated) but hmmm yeha damn...

Loner or social type?
Loner Definetly... Never had a Girl Friend... Only some really really rare "close" friends they still don't know much about me (i think) at least not how i am really... I don't show my real self in Public maybe i'm afraid of doing so but hmmm i just don't want to... I don't like to be in big Crowds even with friends in the crowd i still feel somehow unconfortable.

Part of any cliques?
If you want to call this You-have-to-be-in-a-group-at-school thing a Clique...

Drug use?
No only some Alcohol sometimes.

No and maybe i'll never get one so STFU or something like that...

Are you insane?
Hmmm don't think so maybe a little or too much to notice to it... You know this question If there where to of you fighting against each other. Who would win?... i always answer the other maybe that somehow a little bit insane but... What is insanity? is it to be more "normal" than others or to be not like the masses or what?! ... Maybe sometimes on the edge to insanity x)

Worst fears:
I don't like to think about such things this just leads to crying Oo But i think if i'd have a girlfriend hurting her would be the worst thing that could happen... You know not this physical damage that heals (most of the time) pretty quick but Mental Damag is something that sometimes needs a whole life to heal... I thing i know what i'm talking of in someway but can't say why cause i don't know (at the moment)

Life goal:
Home, Money, Car, Wife Thats the normal things hmmm but Naw that are somehow not my Goals a Hous would be a really nice thing :) and lets say about 1000€ a month more than i'd need to pay for bills, food etc and yeha being a Super Dupa Programmer x) I don't know why but i love coding so working at a Game Studio would be cool

Greatest moment in history:
In History of the Universe:
Hmm hard to tell maybe the development of the first Black Hole or something like that

In My History:
Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm that's pretty hard to tell i can't remember many "great" moments you know somehow getting punshed is easier to remind then what you found great... Some Holiday where really nice and somehow i think the time before my parents got divorced was great to even if i can't remember anything...

Worst moment in history:
In History of the Universe:
Creation of mankind was at least one... Most people dont see this planet as a treasure they just see it as a pile of things that where made for the needs of them... This Star a treasure and would be much nicer without mankind i think... You see whereever people come they destroy the existing system...

In My History:
Definitly the Divorce of my parents... That's something that is burned into my brain i was 5 or so as this happend but i still can remember nearly every detail... They weren't really married so there was no need of for a jugde... We had a House with tiny Entrance Hall (Just a stair that led upstairs one that led downstairs and 2 doors (one to enter the living room and one to get outside)) My mom was standing at the door to the Outside my that at the one to the living room and i was standing in the middle of this tiny room and my mother asked me where i want to stay from now on... i chose my mother...
ASCII Art of the "Entrace Hall" (Hope this gets displayed corretly -.-):
# M #

- = Wall
. = Stair
# = Door

Career goals:
Being a good Programmer.

Do you believe in fate?
There is something in our life that we can't understand but i don't think it's fate it's just yeha hmm IT and IT might be fate might be God or whatever

Is the world a great place?
No... Too Many people and somehow to little space. And there are so many people suffering from diseases etc. etc. If you'd let me choose a Plant of out Solar System where i could live i'd choose Pluto... It's cold, far away from earth, lonly, small

Favorite quote:
Ich bin gerne alleine. Es spielt keine Rolle, wo. (Roughly translated: I love to be alone. It isn't important where) It's from Neon Genesis Evangelion

Das kluge Kind: "Kannst du einen Stern anrühren?" fragt man es. "Ja", sagt es, neigt sich und berührt die Erde. (Roughly translated: If you ask a clever kid: "Can you touch a star", it'll answer "Yes" get's on it's knees and touches the Earth) it's from Hugo von Hofmannsthal it's just great. It remindes me everytime i read it that we're living on a star and that we're just a litlle little atom of a grain of sand in the universe

What brought you here?
Half-Quake, played it found i great got here ^^

What would you do to change the world if you could?
Kill 50-70% of the People. And yeha stoppign Nazis etc would be great.

The thing you hate most about the world:
It's unfair unbalanced and the mankind doesn't even think about it greatest gift the Earth

The things you like most about the world:
Computers, Natur, Animals, Anime, people i like?!

White not really pale but hmm yeha white :)

A Sister she's about *thinking* 10 Years older than me

Is America too full of itself?
Nice Quote from a schoolmate (She lived some years in America and there she heard this Sentence): Amercia is not a Problem. Just let us remove all those Warning Signs and the problem would probably slove it self. (I'm not sure if it's all correct but something like that was it)

Protestant but that's something written on a piece of paper ^^" Normaly i say Atheist... I don't want to say that Religion is nonsense I'm sure even if you say u don't belive in god you still belive in something and so you've got your own little religion. I'm saying that i'm atheist cause i don't like how Religion is practised and was practised. Religion is for me that you belive in something. You don't have to worship for it etc. etc. So everyone should chose for himself how he praises his "God".

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