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Rhia's Run-of-the-mill Respite
Rhia's Run-of-the-mill Respite

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August 16th 1989


Rhiannon Mitchell, goes by "Rezulux", previously "Killer12137".

Age (Birthdate) :
31 (8/16/89)

The mitten of America, Michigan.

Incredibly white.


Favorite colors:
Turquoise and Amethyst.

Favorite movies:
Full Metal Jacket, Clue, and National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation.

Favorite musicians: (in no particular order)
HEALTH, Tame Impala, the pillows, The Presidents Of The United States of America, Styx.

Favorite songs: (from the above musicians)
TEARS, Let It Happen, Crazy Sunshine, Kick Out the Jams, Pieces of Eight.

Favorite books:
'The Book of Atrus' by Rand and Robyn Miller with David Wingrove.

Is the glass half empty or half full?
It's half empty, I'm a slow drinker.

Is America too full of itself?
Yes! God yes.

Favorite animals:
My cats, I love them dearly.

Loner or social type?
Loner, but trying to branch out more.

Part of any cliques?
Nah, too old for cliques.

Drug use?
The occasional alcoholic beverage, otherwise unfortunately no.

Significant other(s)?
I have a few partners!

Are you insane?
I'm here, aren't I?

Worst fears:

Life goal:
Be financially stable enough to support my loved ones.

Greatest moment in history:
The latest would have to be the availability of VR, so people around the world can connect in new ways.

Worst moment in history:
I try not to dwell on the bad, we deal with enough of these moments in our daily lives.

Agnostic! Something's gotta be out there, I just don't know what, nor do I really worry about it.

Career goals:
I'm already in a pretty good spot, but I'd love to learn more and work on bigger and better games.

Do you believe in fate?
Kinda? I think something guides us, but it's not so inescapable as many perceive fate to be.

Is the world a great place?
No. Could it be worse? Oh yeah, but it could be much better too.

Favorite quote:
"Now I'm radioactive, that can't be good!" - Comic Doomguy

What brought you here?
I've been a fan since Halfquake came out! ...I'm old.

What would you do to change the world if you could?
Require politicians to abide by the demands of the common people.

The thing you hate most about the world:

The things you like most about the world:

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