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Just Some Shit
Just Some Shit

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The Chamber


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TO BENJI: I will always miss you, you will always be in my heart. Thanx for all the times we shared man. I hope you are happy in the land of the dead. March 13, 2004 will always be a day I shall remember...

Name: Lu

Age (Birthdate):


Siblings: Sadly...yes

Favorite color: Hunter Green

Favourite movies: American History X...LOTR...Interview With A Vampire...Queen Of The Damned

Favourite musicians: SOAD, Otep, Slipknot, Ozzy, Marilyn Manson, KoRn, Kittie, ICP, Twiztid, DJ Mighty Mike Saga, Koleco, Daft Punk, Infected Mushroom, KMFMD...etc...

Favorite books: LOTR: FOTR, TTT, & ROTK. The Vampire Chronicles, Vampyrrhic, The Odessey, Inferno

Is the glass half empty or half full? There is NO glass...I ate it...Little crunchy

Is America too full of itself? Isn't everyone

Favorite animals: Wolves

Loner or social type? Loner

Part of any cliques? Nope

Drug use? Heh...uh...wha???? ::falls on floor giggling::

Boyfriend/Girlfriend? I've got one of those and working on getting the other as well

Are you insane? Probably...but it's never been told to me officially...

Worst fears: SPIDERS! Spider bites are horrible!

Life goal: Buy a beautiful house in the mountains!

Religion: None in particular...I'm religiously eclectic

Career goals: To own my own restaurant some day

Do you believe in fate? In ways others no...but I do believe in Karma

Is the world a great place? Who really knows.

Favorite quote:????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

What keeps you here? I've actually just come back after years of neglect

What would you do to change the world if you could?I wouldn't...its too much fun being fucked up.

The thing you hate most about the world: Lots of stuff...Turkeys that eat the chicken food

The things you like most about the world: Animals...The Dead...

Warnings: Talk to me if you wish...

Total Personal Pages: 225 - Total series: 116 - Total texts: 874
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