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Teh Screaming Deth Hall of Quuraeosityes
Teh Screaming Deth Hall of Quuraeosityes

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Screaming Deth


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September 01st 1974


Name: C.

Age (Birthdate): Ancient

Location: Viking Territory

Ethnicity: Universal

Female or male? Man, ugh.

Siblings: On 2 other planets

Favorite color: Shit brown

Favourite movies: Bladerunner, Marx Bros (any), The legend Of Fong Sai Yuk

Favourite musici: Ska & reggae, IDM or crazy beats madness, Sparks rule!, ambient, avant garde.

Favorite songs: hmm, so many...

Favorite books: anything Silverberg, Philip K. Dick, Asimov, Sci-Fi in general, Murakami, Dostoyevsky, Hemmingway, Yukio Mishima, Graham Greene, words words words...

Are my ballses lookings large in thises? :( ! ! !

Is a rainbow too full of colour? Fly, freedom awaits you, fly!

Favorite animals: Cat, dog, monster.

Loner or social type? I play PHQ, what do you think?

Part of any cliques? ^^^

Drug use? What you sellin'?

Girlfriend? There's a lady in my life and for once I am not stalking her...

Are you insane? I tried my worst.

Worst fears: My inner self.

Life goal: To find the beginning and end of time in the universe.

Greatest moment in history: BANG!

Worst moment in history: flop :(

Religion: No, no, NO!

Career goals: yes

Do you believe in fate? stop, i'm getting excited.

Is the world a great place? yes it is

Favorite quote: I never forget a face but I'll make an exception in your case - Groucho

What brought you here? banner ads

What would you do to change the world if you could? I would have more space travel.

The things you hate most about the world: people with unusually small heads

The things you like most about the world: Octopus & squid & jellyfish & heat & clean socks & poetry & lists & stuff & this & that & anger & sadness & joy & ampersands

Total Personal Pages: 224 - Total series: 116 - Total texts: 874
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