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July 24th 1979


Alright, as I see that there are fans beating down my door at every step. (actually, no they aren't) I've decided to have a classic Q&A as others have on their pages:

Q) What is your primary motivation in life?

A) Basically to mess around with as much as possible in order to learn anything about somebody or something

Q) What is your favourite color?

A) What kind of question is that? Are you some kind of color fascist or pseudo-psychologist who thinks that typing peoples personalities based on their color preferences is a valid scientific method? Seriously what ROCK did you crawl out from ?

Q) What is the greatest moment in your life so far?

A) Answering this particular question, really.

Q) What is your greatest achievement in life so far?

A) Honestly? Actually getting people to listen to my music without falling to the floor in cramps or comas.

Q) What is your greatest fear?

A) Victims, there's just too many of them and they just keep coming!
Honestly though, take your pick, I have more nightmares than dreams most of the time and most of them revolve around my life in general. There's always a new fear lingering at the horizon.

Q) What is your greatest wish?

A) Leading a meaningful life (which currently I am)

Q) What is the point of life?

A) I think that Douglas Adams was right, if we found out the ultimate answer, there would be no need for the question. And life is the question, but you really wouldn't want the answer as then your life would have no meaning. The question is the answer so STFU about it already!

Q) Why do you always write such pointless gibberish?

A) Because it's fun and because in some ways, philosophy is the ultimate pasttime of sorts. The more you think about something, the more you WANT to keep thinking about it and in relation to that you start to question things and you start to redefine things, which leads to more questions and so on.

Q) So you're basically just writing it for it's own sake then?

A) See my answer above, you're doing it.. RIGHT NOW!

Q) but I have so many other questions and things that you could answer and that could help define who you are and how you fit into the world!

A) Yes, indeed you do :D

Q) That's not an answer!

A) And that is not a question either


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