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Lorcain's Evil Place of Eviliness
Lorcain's Evil Place of Eviliness

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Evil Place of Eviliness


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Name: Lorcain

Age (Birthdate): 16

Location: A tree

Ethnicity: Whatciny?

Female or male? Male

Siblings: 1

Favorite color: Orange *Le Gasp*

Favourite movies: Taken was pretty good.

Favourite musicians: 30 Seconds to Mars (I guess)

Favorite songs: Take Earth Back

Favorite books: The Dark Magician Trilogy

Is the glass half empty or half full? While everyone was wondering this, I drank it.

Is America too full of itself? I don't know. Go ask it.

Favorite animals: Cats

Loner or social type? Depends

Part of any cliques? Nope.

Boyfriend/Girlfriend? No

Are you insane? Level 5: CALM THE F DOWN

Worst fears: Things don't scare me, I scare them!

Life goal: World Domination, you know, the usual.

Religion: Atheist

Career goals: Writer, IT stuff.

Do you believe in fate? No

Is the world a great place? Some of it

Favorite quote: "Ooh, he's just being manipulative, I can tell, I do it too!"

What brought you here? The Half-Life mods

What would you do to change the world if you could? Kill stupid people

The things you hate most about the world: Idiots

The things you like most about the world: Imagination, technology.

Total Personal Pages: 225 - Total series: 116 - Total texts: 874
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