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Good evening! Now go die in a spike.
Good evening! Now go die in a spike.

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Spiral of Death


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June 15th 2024


Name: While my real name is Lucas, I prefer being called Deimos.

Age (Birthdate): Fifteen years of existence upon this land. 28/04/1996

Location:Brazil, the country where there's plenty of scum to take out. (and no one cares about the kills.)

Ethnicity: Half italian, half portuguese with some indian blood to spice things a little.

Female or male? Male.

Siblings: 22 years old sister. Boring, annoying and most of all, boring.

Favorite color: Any dark colors that aren't feminine.

Favourite movies: Huh...i pretty much like classic terror movies, like the Alien trilogy, The Thing, From Beyond. From this era, Inglorious basterds, Predators and the whole Saw series.

Favourite musicians: Muddasheep, David Orr, Nine Inch Nails, Iron Maiden and Dawn Sanctum.

Favorite songs: Geez....basicly all the songs in Fallen Sheep and Half Quake Amen, with tons of game soundtracks.

Favorite books: Metro 2033, Shutter Island Graphic novel, I am Legend and The Exorcist.

Is the glass half empty or half full? Hmm...according to my thoughts, it was, is, and will be half empty.

Is America too full of itself? Of course. Such an obvious question.

Favorite animals: Does nekogirls count?

Loner or social type? 75% loner, 25% social. (afk.)

Part of any cliques? Umm, had no idea of what this means. Probably not, though.

Drug use? Used to take two sleep pills whenever stressed, currently, no drugs.

Boyfriend/Girlfriend? Nope. My ex-gf cheated on me, and I stopped caring about seeking one.

Are you insane? There are sometimes I turn hostile out of nowhere. I start beating up anyone that bothers me. I'm not sure if i'm really insane, but I almost killed ten people while I was "enraged".

Worst fears: Killing myself.

Life goal: Move out this hell hole and get my ass to Europe.

Greatest moment in history: When I beat the guy whose my ex was using to cheat on me, and slit his body many, many times.

Worst moment in history: When I saw my ex cheating on me.

Religion: I believe in some Lovecraftian deities, but never invoked one (sucessfuly).

Career goals: Becoming a sucessful IT tech.

Do you believe in fate? Sometimes. Specially when it's an ass.

Is the world a great place? No. There are less worse places, however.

Favorite quote: "Fucking shut up and do it."

What brought you here? Many reasons. But i'll sum up in one: Muddasheep.

What would you do to change the world if you could? Kill all those who abuse their powers.

The things you hate most about the world: Boring, idiotic people.

The things you like most about the world: The air and books. And Muddasheep. And music. And thr fact we can all imagine (most of the time) what the fucking ever we can.

Total Personal Pages: 225 - Total series: 116 - Total texts: 874
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