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A Rather Droll Ride.
A Rather Droll Ride.

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Well, would you look at that. A new sadist! Isn't that cute.

Name: Gray

Age (Birthdate) :

Texas, USA. No, we don't fucking ride tractors to work.

What the hell even is an American? A mixed up, jumbled being who happens to take misbegotten pride in their most ancient ancestors, despite the fact that said ancestors are as different as any other foreigner to them?

Female or male?

Two. They aren't turning out so well.

Favorite color:
Gray! What the hell else?

Favourite movies:
Shaun of the Dead, Rebecca, Coriolanus

Favourite musicians:
I'd hate to say favorite. Wouldn't it just be incorrect to say such a disgusting, broad thing? For people, that is.

Favorite songs:
Somos / the Expulsion Remix.

Favorite books:
The Good Earth, Alexander the Great, Confessions of Saint Augustine, the Red and the Black, Crime and Punishment (that Dostoevsky guy is a real genius)

Is the glass half empty or half full?
Well, what's inside the glass?

Is America too full of itself?
Yes. That's a simple yes. Nothing more to it.

Favorite animals:

Loner or social type?
There are people whose company I enjoy.

Part of any cliques?

Drug use?

I damn wish that I hadn't treated her so poorly.

Are you insane?
There might be a bit more sustenance to that accusation that I would like to admit.

Worst fears:
Altitude. And dying unfulfilled. Not dying, of course. Dying is my destiny, eh?

Life goal:
In the Epic of Gilgamesh, the returned-from-the-dead Enkidu says that a man with seven sons shall have the greatest afterlife. While I don't necessarily want seven sons, I think that the more important part is to have done enough in your life to die with a smile. Whether it's one of victory, mockery, or ecstasy is up to you, my dear reader.

Greatest moment in history:
I'm sure there's been a better one in history.

Worst moment in history:
I'm sure there's been a worse one in history I think that the color choices for this page come close.

I have a very personal relationship with God, whilst I abhor the degeneration and manipulation of Christianity into a "holier than thou" club of the rich and/or arrogant.

Career goals:
Means to the end. See Life Goals.

Do you believe in fate?
It is by fate that I was brought here!

Is the world a great place?
Depends on where you go. I think a hermitage in the Hebrides would be nice, a la Dear Esther. Maybe dying there all alone and having my corpse perfectly preserved by the winter would be such a wonderfully pleasant end.

Favorite quote:
"Glory is fleeting, but obscurity is forever." It gives one a sense of impetus, no?

What brought you here?
" 'seidizem " -HalfQuake tutorial.

What would you do to change the world if you could?
Place HalfQuakes around the country. It'd be very interesting to see how perfectly normal persons in our society react to their entrapment with Somos, Angel of Death. You could write hundreds of essays on it!

The things you hate most about the world:
The powerful.

The things you like most about the world:
Watching people create things and seeing how it pans out.

Would you be a Chosen Victim?:
I had a dream once where a black angel passed by and asked me if I wanted to die. Haha, in real life I would have taken the Sword of Sadism within a heartbeat! Running around Ambience would be nice, preying on passing victims and raiding the mechanic inhabitants of SapienceTown. Either gunned down in a glorious hail of gunfire by the Common Enemy (I've always wondered if those soldiers in the original HalfQuake are supposed to be a Chosen Victim squad or the Common Enemy) or thrown into the cold, loving embrace of a Death cell? Haha, it's the only way to go!.

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