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henlo, it are of the me
henlo, it are of the me

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March 07th 2000


Name: kinker31

Ah, hello there. You've probably stumbled here, wondering just what the heck this page is about. Well, this happens to be my personal page, and below are some questions provided to me by the website that I will proceed to answer. So listen closely, all ye Strong Sads, Strong Bads, and Strong Mads (but mostly just Strong Sad(s), who'd probably love this site to bits), for there will be questions answered... and rambling monologues to be made.

Birthdate : 3/7/2000

Location: Somewhere within the United States, may or may not be within the Minnesota/Wisconsin area.

Siblings: Got a couple of older ones.

Favorite color: Green. it's not a creative color

Favourite movies: Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie/

Favourite musicians: Weird Al/Da Yoopers/VeggieTales

Favorite songs: Music's kind of a mixed bag for me. I don't listen to anything meant to be sad, though.

Favorite books:The Captain Underpants Series/Calvin and Hobbes

Is the glass half empty or half full? Fill it with lemonade or a flavor of Kool-Aid I like, and we'll see.

Is America too full of itself? That's a bit of a loaded question, ain't it? I say no, but the Deep South for-sure is.

Favorite animals: I've considered myself to be a catte person, but I'm not opposed to the classic doggo/pupper, the round birb, or the slithery snek.

Loner or social type? I don't tend to be a social butterfly, but that doesn't mean I don't go out and socialize.

Part of any cliques? Depends on your definition of a 'clique'.

Drug use? Just caffeine, but I get that through the soft drinks I consume.

Boyfriend/Girlfriend? Had one in middle school, but we kinda broke of and became friends instead. And good friends we were! ...I am kinda worried about her new boyfriend though, he may or may not have set off some red flags.

Are you insane? I hope not, I wanna keep my critical thinking for as long as possible.

Worst fears: Thorns and tons of college-level homework.

Life goal: Just the basics: Job I like and pays well, decent home, a high-tier pass to the biggest and wildest amusement park out there, tons of good food, the basics.

Greatest moment in history: The transistor.

Worst moment in history: I'd say the Black Plague, I'm glad there's modern medicine to keep diseases like that out of our society.

Religion: I don't have one, but if one religion turns out to be the true reilgion, I'll take to that.

Do you believe in fate? lolnope, we exist on our own terms.

Is the world a great place? Indeedy, despite what social media and the news might say.

Favorite quote: "Link, YOU FUCKING PIECE OF SHIT. You have no taste in water. [T.Rex Alan: Apparently.] Come on Link, water will keep you hydrated and help keep Volvic ALIVE!" [George, YTP: George's Handsome Volcano Conkers]

What brought you here? I got here wandering around mudasheep's website.

What would you do to change the world if you could? Make the world population appreciate and work for scientific purposes more, but maybe do what I can to make sure the arts don't die out from that change.

The things you hate most about the world: Sensationalized news.

The things you like most about the world: Technology, science, usual stuff.

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