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May 20th 1991


Added:September 24th 2007, 05:57:57
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24th September 2007

Seventh report of the series. After quite a long absence, the Lord returns to guarantee your information orgasm.

The news archive is public to anyone capable of doing two and two.

Brought to you by PHQ Personal Pages TM and my Subjective Sadistic Soul

Good evening, insane people of our mad comunity that is Personal Half-Quake. Our lead reporter, LordAsriel (myself) will be your informer tonight. Here with the facts from the last several months.

Members' Crisis
After a series of server issues that rendered PHQ down for several days, the decaying flow of members came to a stop. Suddenly, we were down to extremely few, and every single trap dissappeared from the market. This led for some time to what seemed a nuclear winter for PHQ. Fortunately, activity is slowly regaining its previous pace; though, and I am sure many CSs will agree on this, it will take some time till we can buy the best traps we could, or get the highest level clients we could. So is my case that I must offer low level contracts and buy low level traps in order to survive, but, at what price? Sadly enough after all of this, some sadists have decided to leave their institute and keep track of the comunity through the forum and chat, if at all.

TCs And CSs Balance
Very few changes have affected our dual structure, mainly because the balance is already quite good, I guess. Demand Points lasting more than seven days will be authomatically canceled now, in order to prevent inactive demand taking products from active members. More importantly, now any sadist reaching level 99 will be able to reset and start over either repeating their same job or changing class. So far, four sadists have done this: Khimitsu, Ren, vampire1402 and Spam. You will have to ask them for the details, though as far as I can tell they are levelling up awfully fast.

Other News
-Organizer And Fellow Sadists: quite like an agenda or notebook, the organizer helps the busy sadist keep track of his or her many projects, choosing to show it to a select group of fellows, tied by Sadistic Fellowship. Although some people (as myself) might find they are too lazy indeed as to keep this kind of stability over their projects, it is still a nice tool for those who control it.
-Corruption: an old, old PHQ feature seems now to be the only effective mean to inflict annoyance over other sadists. The bombing PvP current system is extremely lousy, and attacks this way won't hit the opponent unless in cases of prolongued absence or extreme (and I mean extreme) ignorance of the laws that rule over our universe.
-Muddasheep: our mighty leader has passed through quite an emotional dilemma, revolving around the problems of his personal life and his creative wandering. On top of this, I am to understand he is in the middle of a financial crisis. Let us, as always, show him our support, as we wait for him to take us to Sadistdonia in a galactic ship. (this last sentence was part of the reporter's senseless rambling and should not be considered seriously by anyone; moreover, the administration denies any compromise with his sayings)

Very well, sadists and sadists, this is all for tonight. We will meet next time, when I want to, by my own means. Until then, have a sadistic time. Kill many victims, eat an ice-cream, you get the idea. Do have a Sadistic Autumn, or a Sadistic Spring for those few Southeners out there.

Picture taken from kowi without permission or warning. Take that, supergarlic lawyers!

September 24th 2007, 13:33:52
1. Good text!
2. Perfectly picture! Can I get it, please?

September 24th 2007, 19:04:41

Here you are ;)

@Topic: Sexactly thats the point, LordAsriel!

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