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Teh Screaming Deth Hall of Quuraeosityes
Teh Screaming Deth Hall of Quuraeosityes

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Screaming Deth


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September 01st 1974

3 Steps Toward a Fitter Body

Added:August 10th 2008, 00:56:31
Rating:4/5 (Votes: 1)

and the child-man came to the door and he did knock not once but three times and the door was opened by a woman and she was naked(we live in hope) and she was a fine example of womanliness and the man rose to greet her and smiled and then the picture could not be changed and this was tiresome and levelling and he was of a mind to try another time in another place or perhaps to see the stars from the light in his own eyed butter farm /

thus it was and from the sun came night and with it the day was dark and the night light and the grass confused and the cows and other beasts began to tire of the changing of the days into something unrecognisable. and mary said unto jenny teh pron was core of the hardness and the knocking three times and the sales unsatisfactory as it was with such alike and so she went to work in the supermarket instead selling ground saints and minced icons to the smart ones who could speak and function but not follow thought to the end like a train on a track never to arrive at the destination but only to travel endlessly between two stations where there were many more.
And the child-man used Mary's fists to beat jenny three times upon the door until there was only to be found silence close and thunder in the air far away. It was spoken and then writ. and woe, their music was shit, not like before.

August 11th 2008, 21:03:43

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