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Teh Screaming Deth Hall of Quuraeosityes
Teh Screaming Deth Hall of Quuraeosityes

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September 01st 1974

I Want To Be a Cloud

Added:September 01st 2008, 23:39:56
Rating:5/5 (Votes: 3)

I want to be a cloud, yes it's true.
I want to be a black storm cloud
and suffocate you.
I want to rain on your parade and
piss down upon your bar-b-q.

I wish I were a tree, or shrub.
struck by lightning I will burn
and flames to your house will creep
where you will asphyxiate in your sleep.

I want so much to be a flower
so that your hay-fever makes
you sneeze and sniff hour after hour
until you feel so down you have cried
"please let me suicide".

I desire myself transformed into
all the beautiful things there are
so that those things I might subvert
and become the most fantastic pervert
then I will rule the human race
by putting pretty in its place
I will not destroy all that's pure
for we must surely make sure
that all we do is foul and sick
Your mom can sit upon my
wicker chair
(Just don't look at what she is doing there)

I am like a beautiful day
the trees are bare, the sky is grey
so let us balance out the scale
kill the people, save the whale
do the things that make others say
that is not right, they do it the wrong way
the things they do are twisted and vile
and we will smile all the while
and look back, old now with our thoughts
of how in youth we fucking rocked
of how your mom sat on my
cocker spaniel puppy
whose name was fluffy.
Fluffy the evil hell demon.
But we laughed about it later on
sobered up our friends all gone.
Just do it said the Nike marketing department
i think i know what they meant
Just do it to yourself and others
to girls and to your friends mothers
if you ever have the chance
and find yourself without your pants
because before you know it's on the way
setting in in is is senility
and you'll be writing poetry
that starts off about one thing
and descends into another thing
and then never seems to end at all

but just goes on and on
forever and ever
until your computer brea

September 02nd 2008, 13:12:34
Ingenious! :D

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