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Silentium -- Paradiesseits allemal
Silentium -- Paradiesseits allemal

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At The Heart Of It All


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August 29th 1988


Added:June 25th 2010, 19:34:48
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I'm back.

The wind blows through the abandoned structures and leaves its sound while it carries the dust away. Lonesome several alarm lights still creek as they circle. The last light in the darkness of these halls. Once a huge hall filled with life, busy taking lives. Now all that is left are tattered banners, collapsed sections and mother nature as it slowly seeks to redeem what was once hers. But it's not completely lifeless.

A shrieking high pitched noise permeates the buildings. Glass that still remains bursts inward. Ropes come down carrying black humanoid troops with them. Men armored in black, gas masks and metal helmets; heavily armed and equipped; quickly begin to search the great hall. Covering all possible directions as shadows flee from the intruder's lights. They move forward cautious always covering their back and sides. But the hall is great and their flash lights only go as far. Their mission: The other end of the structure, the auxiliary control terminal; to return basic functionality back to the structures. And most importantly: Light. One of them kneels in front of the terminal and opens his back pack; the rest of his men are guarding him; ready to defend him with their lives. The technician reveals a big cylinder shaped crystal; it's transparent and within resides another black Crystal constantly spinning around it's own axis. He plugs the crystal into the console and whispers to his men as he pushes the button.

The light returns revealing hundreds humanoid creatures in the hall. Disfigured, mutated and whimpering in the blinding light. A storm of bullets breaks loose, filling the the halls with death cries of creatures unable to react. It only lasted moments until the last empty shell fell to the ground echoing through the quiet hall. The stench of blood sweeps through the hall as its floor slowly turns red.

Hammering. Pounding. Something approaches from the eastern corridor. And by the sound the men could assume that the big wooden door would not hold for long. It was only a matter of time before the hammering and pounding would reach the door. The door trying to refuse passage bends inwards; the wood creeks under the applied pressure until it cannot withstand it any longer.

A huge armored almost robotic creature enters, standing three meters tall on it's two legs wielding an even longer sword. The men retreated behind the pillars for cover. But they had to abandoned it immediately after wards, as the robot struck the pillars with it's swords, collapsing them. They fired upon it, but the bullets just bounced off without leaving even a single scratch. Yet the technician heads for the control terminal; the rest of them trying to cover him. The robot swings it's huge sword and one soldier was unfortunate enough to cross its path. It cut him in half and sends his parts across the hall. Light goes off as the technician rips the crystal out of the terminal and tosses it towards the robot. As it struck the floor it was hit by another well thrown grenade. The explosion caused the outer crystal to shatter; exposing the black crystal inside to the outer atmosphere. It immediately imploded, forcing the robot to it's knees as it focused its gathered energy outward releasing huge amounts of electrical shock waves striking and forcing the robot into submission. Cautiously the squad approached the robot. One kicked it with his feet to ensure it was dead, yet triggered a button. The machine creaked back to life for a short moment, only to open a hatch and revealing another human. Tied into what seems to be control mechanism for this huge exoskeleton. The squad freed him from the controls of the machine to feel his pulse. He had the sign tattooed to his right arm; and he was still alive.

He slowly regained consciousness and opened his eyes. He was surrounded by soldiers in black securing him and by even more movement through the halls. Guns blazing and screams of remaining victims dying through the hands of the soldiers. Yet there was one different among the soldiers. The victim looked up and stared into the eyes of his master. "You have returned, and are reclaiming whats yours! Finally the the torment is over." He sighed in relief. "No my son; this is just the beginning."

July 05th 2010, 13:47:50
Awesome! Welcome back!

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