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Just Some Shit
Just Some Shit

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Beautiful Feeling...The Best In The World

Type:Diary entry
Added:October 02nd 2004, 17:54:58
Rating:4.66/5 (Votes: 3)

It's if you want...I won't care...

I woke up this morning, in the arms of my love. He was just holding me, from where we fell asleep the night before. Wrapped up in a blanket, on his bed, with a pillow under our heads. I woke up, turned my head slightly, smiled, and gave him a little kiss. He woke up, looked at me, and said so peacefully "Now that's a nice thing to see first thing in the morning." It was seven AM, and I knew I wouldn't get back to sleep. I just hugged him a bit, then told him I was gonna get out of bed, and he nodded at me as he drifted back to sleep. It was just so great, to have the best sleep of my life, and spend that sleep wrapped up in the arms of the one I refer to as Kei, for his own protection. Heh...even though he doesn't need me to protect him.

I woke up with a smile on my face, and I know it. His arms were just wrapped around me, and his strength was easy to see, even as all of his muscles were completely relaxed. I can still feel his breathing as his breath brushed the side of my face. I just wish I was with him right now. I will be later tonight, because he's going to come to my place tonight, and we're gonna spend the night together again. My comfort level was so high. I just, fell asleep in his arms, and woke up in his arms. I didn't toss and turn all night, and had no problems waking up. Hell, I'm not even all tired and groggy now. I feel great. I don't think I can sleep unless I have a reminder of him. He sprayed my pillow with his cologne last week, and that was how I fell asleep all week. Last night, I was wrapped in his arms, and just fell asleep. It's as if he just swept me away and I drifted into a land of dreams. I can't remember every part of the dreams I had, but I know that they all involved him. There's just something about him, and I'd hate to ever let him go. He means so much to me, and never hurts me. He's always treating me right, and he takes care of me. I know he's not wealthy, but he still plans on getting me things. He's even going to have a job soon, I think, and he wants to get me some special things. He knows he doesn't have to, but he wants to. We went to a concert this summer, and he insisted on buying me a hat. I told him no so many times, but he got in anyways, and then put it on my head. He's so sweet. He's not at all ashamed to say that we're together. Hell, he walks me to my classes when he can. Sometimes we're on completely opposite ends of the school though, and I tell him not to try it. I love him so much, I don't know what I would do without him.


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