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May 20th 1991


Added:May 26th 2006, 03:18:48
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Third Report of mine. You may check the previous ones at this very Personal Page. ;)

Brought to you by PHQ Personal Pages â„¢ and my Individual Sadist Spirit

Good Evening, inmortal sadists of our so very dear comunity. Today we happen to meet once again in the third edition of the private initiative that is this Report. I hope every single one of you is doing fine at real life and better at this browser game. Now with the news.

TCs And CSs Balance
Nowadays the balance between Trap Crafters and Contract Sellers seems to be quite nice, or at least appropiate. I don't know you, but I haven't seen a lack of traps last too long, surely because of this excellent system, the one of Demand Points. Contracts, I'm sure, can be found plenty, as I've not seen a demand bigger than two for any kind of contract. For what I can say, money is quite fine for both classes. I mean, Trap Crafters used to have loads of money not so long a time ago (remember flo's giving away money at random), and I as a Contract Seller don't have a really relaxed situation but I'm able to mantain certain comforts all the same.

New XP System
This new experience system we have has been implemented as to make experience points depend much more on the actual kills you make. This prevents particular cases with much less kills than their surrounders yet more experience, therefore a higher level. It's more stable and avoids such experience fluctuations only because of not being able to mantain certain number of traps on placement on the institute. Now, when I look behind, I dare say that the old experience version was extremely annoying since the missed days change. And it could be partially abused in such a way. Nevertheless, it's this reporter's lone opinion that it has improved to better now. Quite more fair, I'd say. One must take care of traps... oh, and of Chosen Victim, of course, which leads me to...

Chosen Victims
Lots and lots of changes have been implemented to our Chosen Victims. From the Expensive Cookies quite some time ago to the new Slots System which has surely got some of us mad. Weapon skills, no experience at CV battles, creatures abilities (not so directly) are some of these changes. The CV has definitely won a place of importance in our To Do's lists, not any longer as a toy, but as a very, and I mean very useful item in our institutes.
Some sort of objective saying about this new CV Slot System... it's surely here to nerf CV power a little when speaking of kills. I would say it's here to nerf it completely but for the promess of a creatures change coming soon, so that the CV will boost the way we're used to, but it will need more boosting to be useful as it used to be. I don't know, it's some first sight opinion. All sadists will live with it some time and then it should be obvious whether it was a good or bad idea.

I think that's all for tonight. We may be seeing again soon... but don't take it too literal. I need inspiration, urgency or will to write. Evidently one of these has brought me today, so you can be positive on the fact I'll be passing by some other time. It's LordAsriel, contract seller from PHQ, saying Good Fight, Good Night.

May 30th 2006, 04:26:24
Nice one.. I really enjoyed your news report.
well until next time see you in hell

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