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By muddasheep, February 08th 2007, 23:48:43

Dear sadists,

just wanted to post a list of changes that have been made since the last appearance of this kind of list.

- Draversi now features different backgrounds to choose from.

- The Chosen Victim can be told to feed itself now. On new days it will look in its inventory for food which can be bought from Chawlee's Inn and will eat until it is full or no food's left.

- Multiple institute system implemented: When you get to level 99 (what?) you can reset and your old institute will still be available for certain requests.

- The list of clients for CS can now be ordered by clicking the column titles (thanks to Kowi).

- When crafting traps the system will remember the settings you've made.

- When posting a PHQ URL in messages the system will convert it into a nice link:


- The default text for creating Personal Pages will only be inserted after clicking a link now (this has been changed because the text was way too much for some people who thought they needed to fill out the whole thing).

And I'll use this opportunity to greet all newcomers: Gothazodings!

The first round of the Draversi Tournament is almost over, just a few more days and we'll hopefully be able to advance to the second round.

Thank you for reading. Have a nice day!


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