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By muddasheep, September 29th 2008, 23:29:04

Howdy folks,

since we have worked hard to pay for almost all emotions (damn that extra sadism smiley!), some scientists at the black market ran around in joy and suddenly had an idea for a new communication device. After a few days in their laboratories, they rang me up and told me it was done. They called it:

Conversational Hypertext Articulation Tool


After implementing the new gadget in our communication system, I noticed a few side effects. Like, for example, when staring long on my loaded institute I realized that the clock actually changes. The overview and the messages seem to get updated regularly as well!

Not only that, Draversi actually somehow responds when the opponent executes his or her turn.

I asked those scientists if they knew about those side effects. They said: "What? Oh, yes, yes, yes, of course! That's a feature, not an error. Ahem."

Anyway, those scientists seemed to be pretty high on emotion-overflow (that's what you get when you're not allowed to let out your feelings for a while), so if you notice any unwanted results, send me a message.

One advice though: To get rid of the old garbage, you might want to clear your browser's cache.

Let's hope nothing explodes.


P. S.: In the new C.H.A.T., type /help to get the updated codes.

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