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PHQ is back
By muddasheep, July 01st 2003, 12:24:46

Dear sadists,

we are back online again, finally. Though I got some bad news for you: the new contracts are missing, the special abilities and the personal page will be implemented next week and the attack page has been removed because it caused various unnecessary discussions on the phq boards. Now we move on to the list of changes I've done since May 15th, sorted by menu sections:

Visit your institute
- better design of the budget
- new hackers formula
- new consultants formula
- added fight against victims with chosen victims

Manage traps
- better performance and design
- added traps, total amount of traps available: 43

Manage contracts
- better performance and design
- new contracts are coming soon

Manage items
- added item converter
- removed elite slaves, spy slaves and victim catapults
- implemented Item points
- removed categories "offence, defence, misc"

Black market
- added 60 creature datasheets
- added show datasheets, buy datasheets
- added laboratory to build creatures

Chosen victim
- added Chosen victim
- Status
- Inventory
- Fight creatures
- Fight chosen victims
- Life and Death cells

Bomb victims
- added bonus money for triple kills, master kills and ultra sadistic kills

Send message
- added quickinfo of receiver
- added hotkey
- better performance
- show available users
- no message limitation any longer
- new max. outstanding messages (100)
- "outstanding messages"

- better informations
- needs creature "Fallen spy" now
- now you can investigate all institutes, no matter which level

Share resources
- better performance
- show available users

View statistics
- better "View all"-page
- added birthday calendar
- added "view last two budgets"
- fixed last twenty days

- better design
- more boards
- fixed menu buttons
- added hotkey

- Formulas updated
- Introduction updated
- FAQ updated
- better menus in shop and introduction

Edit your profile
- added normal or advanced submenus
- added hotkey for sending messages
- added menu alignment (left or right)
- added "delete account"
- added "change username"
- added new menu buttons to personal menu
- added birthday for birthdaycalendar
- added personal daycycle

- added stats page
- added hotkey for sending team messages

General updates
- added new chapter
- replaced personal halfquake - jpg with a gif
- added birthday overview in advanced menu
- added exact time for news (picture "!" gets removed when you saw the latest news)
- added picture for chosen victims fights
- added ranking to the main page
- better design for the overview of your institute and the messages
- improved performance with HTML::Clean module
- added "reply & delete" to the messages
- changed experience system, new max level is 99

I guess that's it. And as I've already said the new contracts and the personal page are coming soon. And a little surprise.

The tshirt contest ends today. We've got about 15 people who sent something. The results will be announced as soon as possible (as soon as we can get bj back to ICQ actually mwahahaha).

Please read the introduction and the FAQ on the help page again for more informations and details. Everyone has received 1 storeroom, 5000 SD and 5 IPTs.

I hope you like the new phq. If so, or if not or if there are any suggestions - the phq board "Game issues" is the best place to post them.

Have a sadistic day. (;


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