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Server Issues
By muddasheep, July 16th 2007, 08:27:15

Dear audience,

as you might have noticed PHQ has had a few downtimes recently. The cause of these downtimes has been resolved now and shouldn't occur anymore (70gb of logfiles filling up the server is not that good).

Happy killing!


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July 16th 2007, 11:04:49
Uh, wow. 70 GB of logfiles... I once had a 900 MB accesslog of Apache on my local machine, since then I deactivated logging ^^
kowi (1/5)
July 16th 2007, 13:11:13
Wow... you can print 45169 books à 1000 pages with the LOG files.
July 16th 2007, 15:16:59
omg that's quite insane xD
only one thing to say to that: lol!
July 19th 2007, 10:35:28
thats nothing NOTHING at all
from my gameservers generating logs i can get 100+ gb per year "counterstrike only"
funny the hquake2 server has only generated 100 megs of logfiles
but still i think 70 gigs of logs from http is rather harsh
hey MS how big is the total usage of mysql tables that would be harsh
every client with his/her own set of tables yikes every kill a number in the database every item ect
not to mention this verry text going into a table somewhere
July 24th 2007, 22:54:35
The Question is if mysql doesn#t run some kind of text compression on pure VARCHAR/TEXT fields at least I think there is a tiny possibilitie it does.

70 Gigs is really crazy my average logfile size of logs which i read is about 5 MB or so. By reading I mean looking whats in it if a failure occurs. A failure is something that ony typically would call: Fatal. ^^

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