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K.S (Koumei Satou), creator of Peaces Like Us
Interview by TheAwake, December 28th 2004, 18:51:42
Well, before we start, thanks alot for giving me the opportunity to interview you.
Thank you.

Could you give a short describtion of yourself for all the people who don't know you yet?
My name is K.S. (Koumei Satou), born on 4/29/1971. I'm a Japanese male and I'm single. I'm currently working on Namco's LAN environmental entertainment called "LEDZONE" (Though I'm actually not an employee of Namco).

Were you nervous when you released your art on the web?
I was indeed nervous about what people would say back then...but right now there're loads of other websites on the internet and it seems like only a few people still come to my own one. I haven't heard any comments about my arts for years, so most of my creations remain as self-satisfying work. On the other hand I am never satisfied with my skills and I always feel like my skills aren't good enough for me when I look at my old work. I'm glad that people still like it but I'd say my old work should be deleted as soon as possible.

Did you know that your mod "Peaces like us" was included on the discs of various PC Magazines?
I know about it but I don't know exactly how many Magazines included PLU.

Did you expect this to happen while you were working on it?
No...I was surprised when I got alot of positive comments from many people.

Did the success you had with your mods change you in some way?
Was it helpful to be famous?

I had no jobs before they were released but right now I'm working for Namco and I'm busy everyday. I was aiming for being a Cartoonist (Manga artist), but I realized that it wouldn't suit me (I'd rather like to map something than draw mangas).

Do you believe in fate?
I came to the conclusion that I rather shouldn't, but sometimes I face events that make me believe in fate. So I'll say I'm actually believing in it.

Do you create any other artworks? Can we see them somewhere?
You can see them only on the Internet, but not every single creation is uploaded on the website. I have a lot of rough sketches but I'm not going to show them to the public.

How do you get the inspiration for your mods or music?
That's a difficult question... I'd rather like to ask you this one instead of having to answer, hehe. Generally, I have an idea first and then I start thinking and trying to create something from that idea.

What kind of music do you mostly listen to? Is music very important to you?
I can't live without it. The music I listen to changes as the time passes. Right now I like Electronica, Modern music, Pops, etc. but I also still appreciate beautiful and lyrical music.

Can you name some artists that you would call your idols?
Music: In the nursery, Philip glass
Art: Paul klee, M.C. Escher
Movie Directors: Godfrey Reggio (Director of a movie called Koyaanisqatsi)

Are you an optimistic or pessimistic person? Does this affect your creations?
I'm rather pessimistic. When I released PLU and SHL, most of the foreign people liked them but domestic (Japanese) people didn't. That's the actual reason for me not releasing any more maps after I finished SHL. I though have a positive side and I later often think "My feelings shouldn't be sad forever"...those are the moments for me to start with a new project.

Would you say creating and realising your ideas takes alot of time from your "real life"? Do you feel like you spend too much time for your art so that your "real life" gets neglected?
Realising my ideas takes alot of time and I often feel the need for more of it. I've never felt like spending too much time for my arts, though. I'm even afraid of me wasting my time when I'm doing nothing.

I actually know that you played Halfquake Amen, any comments?
I have played both Halfquake (HQ) and Halfquake Amen (HQA). I didn't like HQ, but HQA was one of best mods I've ever played. I think HQA is art which gives its players nightmares but it also gives creators (like me) loads of inspiration. The first time I've seen HQA, I thought they (MS,BJ,JM) got the idea done before I did because I also wanted to create a world like HQA. HQA is an artistic, monumental MOD which has shown the huge amount of possibilities one has during the creation of a MOD.

In your opinion, what is the best way to have a great day?
Having a day without any troubles.

Do you like Xmas? Do you celebrate it?

Did you play Half Life 2? How did you like it?
It's the best game I've ever played. Its gameplay and designs are really professional.

Are there any Half Life 2 mods you're looking forward to?
I'm not interested in multiplayer, so I hope many singleplayer maps will be released.

Are you planning on releasing any (Half Life 2) mods in future?
I'm looking forwards to releasing something and I also have a few ideas to realize. Sadly I have no time to work so I won't be able to produce something big.

Since you're very experienced with making mods, do you have any advice for all the people that want to create their own mods now for half life 2?
I'm a singleplayer mapper, so I can only give advice for the same kind of mappers. So I'll say..."Play mods, maps or games that someone made". There are a lot of good mods and also a lot of bad mods, but you should judge them by yourself. If you thought that some parts of a mod were bad or annoying, you should try to avoid such parts when you create something yourself. But if you liked some parts well, you'd better refer to them.

Are you still making music? If yes, can we download it somewhere?
I've got no time and I don't think I'm good at it. But all the songs I released in the past are on Acidplanet (for free).

What are your future goals/projects concerning your virtual life?
I'm looking for a way to merge Japanimation and something which isn't at all related to it because I think Japan's Animations are a wonderful culture. I like some parts of Anime, but I also hate some other parts. I'm still trying to create something to express my feelings towards anime although I can't see that "something" at all...I think I need to work more.

Alrighty, that shall be everything for today! Anything you would like to add?
Thank anyone who played my mods, especially the ones who loved it.

Okey, thanks alot for this interview, it has not only been a pleasure for me but also an honour and I wish you good luck for the future in both real and virtual life!
Thank you.

(Thanks alot Toyoch for translating into japanese and back!)

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