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PHQ - Fourth Age - Part V
By muddasheep, October 24th 2005, 14:35:28

Dear sadists,

here's a list of recent changes:

- you now receive some experience points when sold traps/contracts reach the end of their durability/duration (if the initial durability/duration is high enough).

- Chosen Victims can gather resources everyday

- There's a new "Ask to Join" button on the Teams Page

- Fixed level bug (you were able to place traps higher than your level in your institute)

- Fixed various display and calculation bugs

- Fixed bug where you could get playerrating from your own traps

- Contract sellers have to pay a fee now if they cannot deliver the promised victims

- Updated the Dragon Ass-istant and the Help section

- Added the 7th chapter of PHQ (I'm sure you've noticed )

- Fixed Attacking and Investigation issues

- Removed message code tags from the previews of your received messages (thanks to Loony99)

- Trap Crafters can now view their sold traps and retrieve them again

- Adjusted revealing fee for Sadistic Fortune Cookies

- Cookies are now limited to 500 characters

- You now see who bought your cookie


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