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The Curse is Back
By muddasheep, November 06th 2008, 01:23:00

Dear people of the woods,

as I have feared, the lack of sufficient food for our Chosen Victims has led to severely damaged immune systems. Since this is usually the time when wild curses fly around freely, well, one curse in particular has found its way back into our institutes. And it's going strong.

Some of you may remember that the cure for this curse is called Strange Liquid. The scientist in the black market's laboratory will happily produce it for you, if you approach him with Beef Soup, Monster Rabbit Tears and Strawberry Poison in your Chosen Victim's inventory. I heard he has even improved the formula of the peculiar liquid quite a bit, turning the curse into a digestible object in the Chosen Victim's stomachs!

Visit the laboratory here: Laboratory

Also, the black market slaves have set up a new bazaar where we can trade Chosen Victim items again. Be aware though: Since Chawlee is dead, we don't have any regulated prices anymore, and when selling items out of the Chosen Victim's inventory, Chawlee can't provide us with instant revenue any longer. We have to set our prices ourselves and rely on others to purchase our offered items.

CV Items Bazaar

Fortunately though, we were able to rescue most of the previously available items out of the ruins of Chawlee's skyscraper, and we even traced and linked them back to their initial sellers.

And as a final note: My personal scientists have found a new way to produce food. It's still in testing phase (I think I just heard another explosion), so we'll just have to be patient and fight the curse meanwhile.

Good luck.


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