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By muddasheep, November 12th 2008, 19:06:32


After a few pretty rough days (for our Chosen Victims, anyway) and several explosions I've given up on making a Food Cell that could somehow restore our Chosen Victim's hunger forever. Instead, I've finally found a better replacement for Chawlee's Inn! I had to work through dozens of applications, and I finally settled on somebody who will be able to provide a lot more variation for our Chosen Victims than previously possible under Chawlee's reign.

The Black Market Association has also agreed to my suggested replacement, and it took us another two days to install all the necessary cooking machines and set up a new building. I told the new guy to sit down and figure out new meals, and a new nickname. Because down here we don't use the names from the old societies on the surface.

I proudly announce the grand opening of...

Jaymeeow Li-Wa's
fine Restaurant

Jaymeeow Li-Wa's

Simply put, in the new restaurant you have to bring your own ingredients, and those ingredients are Chosen Victim items. Yum! I've sent our be-loath-ed Dragon Ass-istant to sit down with Jaymeeow and discuss the new way of feeding our Chosen Victims. Here is what our dragon had to say afterwards:

"I'm a dragon!"

Thanks for the comment! Anyway, ask the dragon about Jaymeeow Li-Wa's Fine Restaurant for more information.

Once our Chosen Victims are back up on their feet, make sure to send them out collecting resources, finding victims or killing victims, so that we have higher chances of finding Strange Liquid, and fighting the curse. Bomb Victims is also still a source of valueable items.

I noticed some of you still have coupons from the last battle against our Common Enemy. Exchange these for more items and use them, or sell them on the Black Market for others to consume.

Coupon Exchange

Let the feast begin.


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