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Exploring The Surface
By muddasheep, December 18th 2008, 18:20:47

Good day,

because - even after hiring Jaymeeow - our Chosen Victims are still starving from time to time, there has been another meeting. You can read all about it here:

PHQ Story

And here's the general breakdown of what you can do with your Chosen Victims from now on:

-> Select Explore Surface in the Chosen Victim section. ( Explore Surface )

-> Enter the C.H.A.T. and move into the Control Room. Notice the new command console at the bottom.

-> Send commands to your Chosen Victim - use Dig (/cv dig) to uncover items at the current position.

-> Use Look (/cv look) to search for objects of interest, and Examine (/cv examine <objectname>) to take a closer look at the specified object. (Example: /cv examine air lock)

-> Use Pull Back (/cv pullback) to reel your Chosen Victim back in.

Remember that the farther away your Chosen Victim is from the air lock, the higher the chances are to uncover higher level items. Also, moving around and digging decreases your Chosen Victim's health - keep that in mind!

Your Dragon Ass-istant has been informed about further details.

There are two additional announcements I'd like to make.

First of all, the bazaar now lets you leave notes next to items, offering the possibility to inform other customers about the effects of certain objects - or whatever you would like to share.

Second, the fee system for trading victims and money has been improved. Example: You want to trade 2000 SD, and the fee is 20%, now - as it should have been from the beginning - you simply send 2000 SD to the target and pay an additional 400 SD as the fee.

Aside from that, some of us are reportedly experiencing a shortage of victims, probably due to inactive Contracts Sellers. My scientists and I are working on a solution (I would die to see a portable cloning machine, but that probably ain't gonna happen).

Until next time!


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