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PHQ - Fourth Age - Part I
By muddasheep, August 28th 2005, 14:08:10

Dear Sadists,

since the majority voted for a reset and for another try to fix that damn xp system, I decided to announce it officially in the news that we're going into the fourth PHQ round, hence the retarded news title.

I will not only try to change the xp system, but I'm also going to implement new stuff that will cause even more imbalances! Plus, I decided to fix stuff that has been overdue for a long time now. Here's a list of changes that I've done so far:

- Case sensitivity for all menus, submenus, CV items, traps, contracts and creatures!

- Complete redo of the traps and contracts pages!

- Redesign of Show Datasheets and Buy Datasheets pages!

- Removed unnecessary ,- signs after money values.

If you have any suggestions then now would be a good time to send them in, write them down in the forum or post them here as a news comment!

I will spit out more about the new additions for PHQ when they're complete in theory, but I can tell already that it has something to do with crafting and it will make PHQ even more complicated than it is right now!

I hope you didn't fall asleep when trying to read this and that you're as excited about the new bugs as I am!

Have fun.


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August 28th 2005, 14:28:08
Yaaaaaaaay!!!!!!! New bugs!!!!
I can't wait to experience them all. Real sadistic!
Thats the halfquake spirit! awesome! ^^
August 28th 2005, 15:37:36
muahahaa new stuff at all, that's great !!!
August 29th 2005, 11:52:30
Haha youre so retarded ;)
August 29th 2005, 14:25:52
August 29th 2005, 15:54:52
I have a suggestion!

You should restrict round time.:)Duration of one round should be about 6 months huh?^^
August 29th 2005, 16:47:28
good new changes

but in the left list "Generel" the , (Comma) signs bitween the numbers over 999 are a little bit irritating
example: 1,000 SD
looks like 1 Sadism Dollar an 000 Sadism Cent
it will look nicer if it is a . (Point)
only a little change
August 29th 2005, 18:07:12
the period/point/. would be the german way, I changed this to a comma since that's the english/american/whatever way and since this page is mostly english, I figured that's the way to go >_>

I will change it to commas for english and periods for german people, gimme a sec ^^

@grimmreaper: lol yeah that could be a possibility
August 30th 2005, 18:00:11
awesome I will check out these bugs in due time enough...
I Love finding bugs! *splat!*
September 05th 2005, 02:57:42
I got an idea.

Don't change anything. It's fine.


I've been PHQ-ing since it's conception, if it ain't broke, don't fix it.
September 05th 2005, 03:59:25
well, for your information, everything you see here is broken :P and I've been trying to fix stuff here since its conception ^^ so all I do is try to add new stuff and cover old bugs and adding new ones!
September 06th 2005, 02:58:14
Out with the old bugs, in with the new bugs. Just keep it pretty and nice like it is, that's all I ask. Don't wanna open up the page and go..."Oh god...what the hell is this?"

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