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By muddasheep, May 18th 2003, 13:41:28

Dear sadists,

all pages of phq are offline, except News, Polls, Bomb victims, Messages and - of course - Logout.

I'll start implementing the new system as we speak. It will take about 1 or 2 weeks until phq will be online again.

Further details concerning the new system:

- New experience system, max 99 levels

- New attack system, optimated and improved

- "Chosen victim" - you choose a victim to level up, buy items and fight creatures, attackers and incoming victims

- 60 creatures for attacking and defending and to fight against your chosen victim

- About 200 items for your chosen victim

- 2-player-mode for "Bomb victims"

- Birthday calendar

- Option to set your own hour when a new phq day starts

- More traps (including some of hq1) and contracts

And even more. Please be patient and don't forget the tshirt contest.


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