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Demand Decays
By muddasheep, June 03rd 2007, 13:21:41

Dear audience,

I'm sure you remember me. Well, if not, so be it. ^^

Anyway, due to popular demand (ha!) the demand you set to signalize a need for traps/contracts now gets removed after seven days. This way 78 demand points have already been deleted.

If there's anything else you want changed or improved, speak up.

Thank you for reading! Have a nice day.


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June 03rd 2007, 13:48:54

phq development addiction is back xD
June 03rd 2007, 15:03:08
Let me bow down in front of the almighty all-hearing god of PHQ development. Thanks a ton^^
kowi (5/5)
June 03rd 2007, 17:15:49
goddamn yeah!
Funnycreature (4/5)
June 03rd 2007, 18:04:58
YAY, NEWS!!! And yes, we need to improve(?) everything
Khimitsu (5/5)
June 03rd 2007, 23:43:02
Good news, it'll help a lot.
While we're speaking about demand points, what about allowing people who can buy 6 traps/contracts a day to set 6 demand points and not 5 ?
June 04th 2007, 03:44:49
This confuses me greatly.
The only improvement I can think of is the auto-sign-in dealie. It just didn't work after a few weeks.
June 10th 2007, 21:30:50
Here's one for ya...if you try to buy two sets of victims at the Black Market and buying both would exceed your storage capacity, it should buy the set with more victims by default. Oh, and the sorting shouldn't be reset to price after you buy victims.

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